Sunday, March 7, 2010

[Sorcerer] Bill Forks

Name: Bill Forks
Player: BB

Telltale: Ornate neck tattoo

Stamina: 5 (scrapper, natural vigor)
Will: 4 (high self esteem)
Lore: 1 (naif)

Cover: 5 (NY Cabbie)
Humanity: 3
Price: Still in Denial (-1 to any first roll when dealing with demons)

Kicker: Saw last fare get killed by gangers, now they're looking for him.

Demon Name: The King in Yellow Cab
Demon Type: Object (automobile, yellow cab taxi)

Telltale: Headlights manifest pupils

Binding strength: +1

Stamina: 7
Will: 8
Lore: 7
Power: 8

Desire: Competition
Need: Cassette Tapes

  • Big
  • Cloak
  • Cover: Race Car Driver
  • Fast
  • Hold (in the cab only)
  • Transport
  • Travel


  1. I know a system is very interesting when reading a stat block inspires all kinds of questions.

  2. I wanted to make iconic Escape from New York characters while still giving the players an opportunity to add their own touch to them. The rest of the PCs are coming so stay tuned.


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