Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: The Weather Boys

Weather Boys ("WMAL Radio")

Location: WMAL Auxillary Radio Transmitter, Bethesda, MD. North of the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495) between Greentree Road and Fernwood Road, at the WMAL radio tower fields.

Population: 25
Military Strength: 15
Military Resources: 1 M4A4E8 Sherman Tank, a few civilian vehicles, some small arms but mostly bows and crossbows.

Treaties: Spook Hill, UFP, FFA, Arlington Hall, Pentagon, The Dead Kennedys, Treaty Hospital, Mennonites

Enemies: Skinheads

Resources: Small industry, as well as technology (electrical and power) They extensively farm the field around the radio station and have a mechanical wind generating power station.

Trade: They trade mainly weather and agricultural information, and as a result are very important to most communities, who subsidize them.

General Reaction: +10

Background: These survivors are comprised mostly of scientists, meteorologists and radio technicians. They were the first on the air after the Ruin and have remained a stable influence throughout the metro area. Most communities rely on their weather reports to avoid radioactive- and biologically-contaminated rain. They run a radio program every four hours for a half hour, providing the whole D.C. area with information about weather trends, bio-contaminants, news and fallout areas. They have set up several weather stations in friendly communities and use these to determine weather trends, fallout locations and drifting bio-contaminants.

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