Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Spook Hill

Spook Hill ("G-men," "Mr. FBI")

Location: Pooks Hill, Bethesda, MD. Extends along Interstate 495 south to Jones Bridge Road, between Old Georgetown Road (State Route 187) and Conneticut Avenue (SR 185), incorporating the Naval Medical Center and National Institutes of Health.

Population: 1700
Military Strength: 600
Military Resources: 3 M60A3 Main Battle Tanks, multiple civilian vehicles, plenty of small arms and ammunition, plus the capability of making more.

Treaties: The Weather Boys, Treaty Hospital, FFA

Enemies: UFP, Skinheads, The Agency

Resources: Spook Hill has small farming capabilities and large herds of cattle. Their main resource is the Naval Medical Center. They also extensively scavenge all over D.C. and are allied with several Free Companies.

Trade: Mostly foodstuffs and medical equipment and services.

General Reaction: +05

Background: These survivors are composed of mostly Department of Justice employees, the majority from the FBI, and a fair number from the NSA. The community has grown in size and strength, but now contends with the UFP to the west for space and dominance. Open war with the UFP has not yet occurred but tensions are growing.

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