Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Characters] Bennosuke

I used this character in my friend's Savage World of Solomon Kane game a few years ago. I thought that a young samurai in Europe would be a cool concept.

Bennosuke is based on the famous Miyamoto Musashi and part of the character background I came up with included a missing father and being hunted by some European powers.

Shinmen Musashi (Bennosuke) no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin, of the village of Miyamoto
Human, Male, 11 years old
Novice + 1 Advance

Bennosuke was born 11 years ago in the village of Miyamoto, in Japan. Last year, his Daimayo ordered his father to go to Portugal to deal with the Jesuits. Benno accompanied him. While there, his father disappeared and he found himself in Algeria, on a quest to find his father. He joined up with the other PCs after a bit. He is unaware that the Jesuits are after him.

"Respect the gods and buddhas; do not rely on them"
"There are four Ways in which men pass through life: as Gentlemen Warriors, Farmers, Artisans and Merchants."

[1] Agility d6
[0] Smarts d4
[2] Spirit d8
[0] Strength d4
[0] Vigor d4

[free] Luck
[M] Great Luck
[2m] Common Bond
[Adv] Beast Master: large Black Raven

Youth [M]
Hunted [m] (variant of Wanted - unknown to PC)
Loyal [m]

[2] Fighting d6
[2] Shooting d6
[3] Guts d8
[1] Intimidation d4
[1] Notice d4
[1] Languages d4

Katana (long sword), STR+d8, min STR d6 (can't use effectively in combat yet)
Wakizashi (short sword), STR+d6
Tanto (dagger), STR+d4
Yari (spear), STR+d6, min STR d6 (can't use effectively in combat yet)
Shenshu (bow), 2d6
20 Ya (arrows)

Tetsu-hitai (metal forehead protector)
Kimono and other japanese clothing

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