Saturday, March 6, 2010

[Blogs] Ghosts of Pat Pullings Past

The Other Side Blog, by Tim Brannan, recently posted about a murder tenuously linked to D&D by the media (back in February).

I'm not going to rehash the case or lack of journalism but the best thing about the whole mess was Tim's comment: "Next thing you know someone is digging up old Pat Pulling again and TLN is showing "Mazes & Monsters" in heavy rotation."

Morbidly, I thought of what sort of game an undead Pat Pulling could be present in.

Sure, it's not a nice thought. And I feel very bad about thinking it. Pat was a real person with a family who loved her and so on. And I was raised not to speak ill of the dead.

But how better to honor her than to have an undead Pat Pulling attacking the PCs during some modern day ritual?


  1. Undead Pat Pulling is made of scary and awesome.

  2. Dammit!

    I couldn't help myself!

    Really, it was too good an opportunity.


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