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[osr Challenge] Adventure Index by Blog

(UPDATED: October 1st)

The following is the index of adventures by blog for the 2011 osr Challenge: A September of Short Adventures.  The blogs entries range from discrete home-brew settings to generic adventures usable in any game, with room-by-room dungeons and sea adventures in-between.
The blogs below are listed alphabetically and each subsequent adventure is in the order published. The game system they use is listed after each entry. In all, over 20 blogs, with more than 300 adventures are represented here. For your convenience, the adventures by system is linked here.

Asshat Paladins, in association with the Mustache-Dragon, thank all the participants for accepting this challenge. We hope that you, the reader, enjoy the imagination, creativity and just-plain-weirdness that went into these adventures. If you use any of these adventures, be sure to let us know as we are all interested in how the 2011 osr Challenge: A September of Short Adventures are used at your table!

Look for the return of the challenge in 2012!

Adventures by Blog:

... and the sky full of dust
1. Tomb of Naruth, Room 1 (Classic D&D)
2. Tomb of Naruth, Room 2 (Classic D&D)
3. Tomb of Naruth, Room 3 (Classic D&D)
4. Tomb of Naruth, Room 4 (Classic D&D)
5. Tomb of Naruth, Room 5 (Classic D&D)
6. Tomb of Naruth, Room 6 (Classic D&D)
7. Tomb of Naruth, Room 7 (Classic D&D)
8. Tomb of Naruth, Room 8 (Classic D&D)
9. Tomb of Naruth, Room 9 (Classic D&D)
10. Tomb of Naruth, Room 10 (Classic D&D)

ArmChair General
1. Dangerous Liaisons (D20 variant)
2. Winter Road (3.5e D&D)
3. Escape? (3.5e D&D)
4. The Foul Breed (3.5e D&D)
5. Pegasus Mired (World of Darkness)
6. Bounty Hutt (Star Wars Saga edition)
7. Final Freedom (3.5e D&D)
8. Black Pyramid (Call of Cthulhu)
9. Virus (Shadowrun)
10. The Thirst (3.5e D&D)
11. A Raiding We A Go (3.5e D&D)
12. Luck (3.5e D&D)
13. The Siege (3.5e D&D)
14. Nick of Time (World of Darkness)
15. Ewoks are for Dinner (Star Wars Saga edition)
16. King for a Day (3.5e D&D)
17. You Remind Me of a Snack (World of Darkness)
18. Help (3.5e D&D)
19. Dino Hunt (D20 Modern)
20. The Hause (3.5e D&D)
21. The Joined (D20 Modern)
22. The Stranger (Pathfinder)
23. Something's Out There (D20 Modern)
24. Nazi Zombies (D20 Modern)
25. Dungeon Crawl (Pathfinder)

Asshat Paladins
1. Nine Lives (Labyrinth Lord)
2. Chefs from Hell (Labyrinth Lord)
3. The Talker (Labyrinth Lord)
4. Boar Hunt (Labyrinth Lord)
5. Webs (Labyrinth Lord)
6. The Goat and the Unicorn (Labyrinth Lord)
7. Running (Labyrinth Lord)
8. Trapped! (Labyrinth Lord)
9. The Butterfly (Labyrinth Lord)
10. The Message (Labyrinth Lord)
11. Dog Days (Labyrinth Lord)
12. The Underwater Boat (Labyrinth Lord)
13. Two Old Warriors (Labyrinth Lord)
14. Shorty (Labyrinth Lord)
15. Brambles (Labyrinth Lord)
16. The Zandar (Labyrinth Lord)
17. Memories (Labyrinth Lord)
18. The Magic Cave (Labyrinth Lord)
19. The Bridge (Labyrinth Lord)
20. Good  Company (Labyrinth Lord)
21. Kidnapped! (Labyrinth Lord)
22. Fly On the Wall (Labyrinth Lord)
23. The Silent Sage (Labyrinth Lord)
24. The Rune stone (Labyrinth Lord)
25. Foul Bal(rog) (Labyrinth Lord)

Blood & Iron
1. Dirt Road, Forest - Night (generic system)
2. Tavern - Evening (generic system)
3. Winding Path in Mountains - Day (generic system)
4. Mountain Path Leading to Watchtower - Day (generic system)
5. Teloh's Tower - Afternoon (generic system)
6. Teloh's Tower - Night (generic system)
7. Winding Caves - Unknown (generic system)
8. Massive Cavern - Unknown (generic system)
9. Old Ruins - Unknown (generic system)
10. Gates to a City - Unknown (generic system)
11. Somewhere - Somewhen (generic system)

Chronicles of Ganth
1. Maze of the Labyrinth Lord, Part 1 (Labyrinth Lord)
2. Maze of the Labyrinth Lord, Part 2 (Labyrinth Lord)
3. Maze of the Labyrinth Lord, Part 3 (Labyrinth Lord)
4. Maze of the Labyrinth Lord, Part 4 (Labyrinth Lord)
5. Maze of the Labyrinth Lord, Part 5 (Labyrinth Lord)
6. Trial of the Mystery Men!, Part1: Captain Liberty, Communist? (Mystery Men!)
7. Trial of the Mystery Men!, Part 2: The Atlantis Invasion (Mystery Men!)
8. Trial of the Mystery Men!, Part 3: Return of the Grand Visor (Mystery Men!)
9. Trial of the Mystery Men!, Part 4: Terror at the United Nations (Mystery Men!)
10. Trial of the Mystery Men!, Part 4: Conclusion (Mystery Men!)
11. Lost in a Mutant Future, Episode 1: Cha-Ka! (Mutant Future)
12. Lost in a Mutant Future, Episode 2: The Sleestak God! (Mutant Future)
13. Lost in a Mutant Future, Episode 3: Dopey! (Mutant Future)
14. Lost in a Mutant Future, Episode 4: Downstream! (Mutant Future)
15. Lost in a Mutant Future, Episode 5: Tag-Team! (Mutant Future)
16. The Twisted Court, Part 1 (Labyrinth Lord)
17. The Twisted Court, Part 2 (Labyrinth Lord)

Dark Dungeon 2
1. The Secret Priesthood (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
2. The Bandit Outpost (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed) 
3. The Clearing (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
4. The Black Dwarf (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
5. The Golden Gnome (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
6. Quest for a Skull (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
7. Green Count to Zero (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
8. Half Sized Rescue Team (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
9. Micronaut Heroes (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
10. The Dog People Under the Stairs (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
11. Down the Mountain Stream (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
12. Orc Quest (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
13. The Horror in the Sewers (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
14. That Haunted Night (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
15. Slithering Death (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
16. The Caravan through Mirkwood (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
17. The Dead Grove (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
18. Blood Sucker from a Mirror (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
19. Night at the Ravine (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
20. The Mother Wolf (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
21. The Rotting Mill (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
22. The Slaver Party (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
23. The Apes (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
24. Evil Dead (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)
25. Mede's Microcrystal Monster (OSR) (Dark Dungeon 2nd ed)

Dreams in the Lich House
1. You Are What You Read (generic system)
2. My Elves are Different (generic system)
3. The Prison (generic system)
4. The Candy Lady (generic system)
5. You Can't Go Home Again (generic system)
6. The Ghoul Gate (generic system)
7. Seed of Evil (generic system)
8. As the Worm Turns (generic system)
9. To Slay a God (generic system)
10. A Ghost Story (generic system)
11. The Gauntlet (generic system)
12. The Night Visitor (generic system)
13. I was a Teenage Demon (generic system)
14. The God in the Box (generic system)
15. The West Araby Trading Company (generic system)
16. The Hole (generic system)
17. The Silent Brothers (generic system)
18. Children of the Wood God (generic system)
19. The Innkeepers (generic system)

For a Fistfull of Coppers
1. Heist Plan 1: Mutiny on the Dowry (Swords & Wizardry)
2. Heist Plan 2: Brothel in the Sky (Swords & Wizardry)
3. Strange Western Tales 1: The House Always Wins (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
4. Strange Western Tales 2: The Best Around (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
5. Strange Western Tales 3: Pedal to the Metal (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
6. Heist Plan 3: Hot Potato (Swords & Wizardry)
7. Strange Western Tales 4: Brotherly Love (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
8. Strange Western Tales 5: High Noon Run (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
9. Heist Plan 5: Curtain Call (Swords & Wizardry)
10. Strange Western Tales 6: The Red Spectre (Savage Worlds) (Weird West RPG)
11. Strange Western Tales 7: Liquid Gold (Savage Worlds) Weird West RPG)

John Johnson
1. The Baker Street Boys (7th Sea)

Lunching on Lamias
1. The Scream (generic system)

Mithril & Mages
1. Horse Thief (Boot Hill)
2. Besieged (D6)
3. Daring Heist (Boot Hill)
4. Death Gift (Labyrinth Lord)
5. Down for the Count (Labyrinth Lord)
6. Derailed (Boot Hill)
7. Rumblings of Pinnacle Peak (Labyrinth Lord)
8. Fly Trap (Top Secret)
9. Stepping Stones (Labyrinth Lord)
10. KP Duty in the Dungeon (Labyrinth Lord)
11. Parasitic Horror (Labyrinth Lord)
12. Crooked Creek Tomes and Scrolls (Labyrinth Lord)
13. Fouled Fountains (Labyrinth Lord)
14. The Banshee of Beacon Hill (Labyrinth Lord)
15. You Aren't If You Are Eaten (Weird West RPG)
16. Swindler Soapy Smith (Boot Hill)
17. A Dispute over Spirits (Boot Hill)
18. The Good Ole Boy (generic system)
19. Here Be the Goblins (Labyrinth Lord)
20. The Petrified Man (Boot Hill)
21. Boar Bounty (Labyrinth Lord)
22. Silence on Deck (Labyrinth Lord)
23. Drop the Hammer (generic system)
24. One Eye's Wine (Labyrinth Lord)
25. Caution - Danger Ahead (Labyrinth Lord)

Mutants & Magic
1. Alice Down the Rat Hole (1st ed AD&D)
2. The Sheriff of Naught in Ham (1st ed AD&D)
3. Desperate Measures (Weird West RPG)

1. Innocence in Moonlight (Mutant Future)
2. Gomphrey's Still (Mutant Future)
3. Gathering Mold (Mutant Future)
4. Dangling Varmint (Mutant Future)
5. Indelicate Indiscretions (Mutant Future)
6. Cold Storage (Mutant Future)
7. Run You Fools (Mutant Future)
8. Tail of the Serpent (Mutant Future)
9. Skin Deep (Mutant Future)
10. Pounding Sand (Mutant Future)
11. Don't Look Back (Labyrinth Lord)
12. Beat the Drums (Labyrinth Lord)
13. The Beer Must Roll! (Labyrinth Lord)
14. Who Goes Where? (Labyrinth Lord)
15. The Nervous Bride (Labyrinth Lord)
16. Where There is Smoke ... (Labyrinth Lord)
17. A Light in the Darkness (Labyrinth Lord)
18. Sitting Pretty (Labyrinth Lord)
19. The Elephant (Labyrinth Lord)
20. Time for Bed (Labyrinth Lord)
21. A Pound of Flesh (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
22. Art Thieves (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
23. A Snowy Evening (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
24. A Babe in the Woods (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
25. Down in the Hole (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
26. Let's Make a Deal (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
27. Burning Hatred (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
28. Skin Trade (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
29. A Sour Note (Swords & Wizardry White Box)
30. Other Mother (Swords & Wizardry White Box)

Porky's Expanse!
1. The Damned of Dammerclaim (generic system)
2. Mutiny and its Bounty (generic system)
3. Shallows' Embrace (generic system)
4. Surf and Scarp (generic system)
5. The Realms of Afterdeep (generic system)
6. Scree Fall (generic system)
7. The Heirs of the Waters (generic system)
8. A Plague of Plagues (generic system)
9. From Shore to Sky (generic system)
10. The Waking Atop the World (generic system)
11. Worminwax (generic system)
12. Haulers' Deep (generic system)
13. Doorways in Darkness (generic system)
14. A Frigid Descent (generic system)
15. The Face and the Blood (generic system)
16. A Sheen on the Stone (generic system)
17. The Bounding Road (generic system)
18. On Draughts Cast (generic system)
19. Dreams Within  Dreams (generic system)
20. Forever's Hunting (generic system)
21. The Branches of the Way (generic system)
22. Flame in the Fog (generic system)
23. Eddies and Whirls (generic system)
24. Foundings Confounded (generic system)

Servitor Ludi
1. Meet Cute (1st ed AD&D)
2. Athena's Crooked House (1st ed AD&D)
3. The River, Riled (1st ed AD&D)
4. In Soviet Union, Lock Picks You (1st ed AD&D)
5. Amonk Time (1st ed AD&D)
6. We Only Eat  the Ones We Love (1st ed AD&D)
7. It's Torture in  Here! (1st ed AD&D)
8. Who's the Yahoo? (1st ed AD&D)
9. The Earl of  Mountebank (1st ed AD&D)
10. The High Priest of Quackery (1st ed AD&D)
11. Bzzt! Thanks for Playing (1st ed AD&D)
12. Blood for the Black Widow (1st ed AD&D)
13. Avalon Lost (1st ed AD&D)
14. Avalon Lost: The Feckless Fief (1st ed AD&D)
15. Avalon Lost: Dragons and Giants and Haggis, Oh My! (1st ed AD&D)
16. Avalon Lost: Isle of  Wights? (1st ed AD&D)
17. Avalon Lost: Tintagel Dystopia (1st ed AD&D)
18. Avalon Lost: The Fair Folk (1st ed AD&D)
19. The Vivimancer (1st ed AD&D)
20. Meteor Storm (1st ed AD&D)
21. My Fathers Day Cake (1st ed AD&D)
22. Pearls of Great Price (1st ed AD&D)
23. The Tontine Revealed (1st ed AD&D)
24. Extended Training Montage (1st ed AD&D)
25. Who Mourns for Azathoth? (1st ed AD&D)

The Dwarven Stronghold
1. Everything Goes to the Toilet (3.5e D&D)
2. Strange Bedfellows (3.5e D&D)
3. Stony Limits (3.5e D&D)
4. Gnome is Where the Hearth Is (3.5e D&D)
5. Flour in the Attic (3.5e D&D)
6. 8 Ball, Corner Pocket (3.5e D&D)
7. Judge a Book by Its Cover (3.5e D&D)
8. A Mote It Is to Trouble the Mind's Eye (3.5e D&D)
9. The Hoofs of the Goaded Steed (3.5e D&D)
10. Out, Out, Brief Candle (3.5e D&D)
11. Dancing Queen (3.5e D&D)
12. To Dim the Glowing Battle-Forge Once More (3.5e D&D)
13. There's a Bugbear in my Kitchenette (3.5e D&D)
14. Be Our Guest ... Feed Our Chest (3.5e D&D)
15. Mount the Terrace ... and Hearken What the Frightful Sounds Convey (3.5e D&D)
16. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (3.5e D&D)
17. Please Pass the AACKKK (3.5e D&D)
18. Walk Into My Parlor (3.5e D&D)
19. Bridge Over Troubled Water (3.5e D&D)
20. Dank as a Ditch (3.5e D&D)
21. Knock, Knock ... The Sky is Falling (3.5e D&D)
22. Keep A-Knockin' But You Can't Come In (3.5e D&D)
23. Midnight in the Garden of Neutral and Chaotic Evil (3.5e D&D)
24. Beauty is in the Eye of the Potential Copyright Violation (3.5e D&D)
25. A New Skeleton in the Closet (3.5e D&D)
26. Gesundheit (3.5e D&D)

The Secret DM
1. Feast of Pigs (generic system)
2. The Collie Out of Space (generic system)
3. The Escort (generic system)
4. In the Valley of the Golden Sun (generic system)
5. The Keeper in Dreams (generic system)

The Tower of the Archmage
1. All's Well that Ends Well (Classic D&D)
2. Gone to the Dogs (Classic D&D)
3. Hog Wild (Classic D&D)
4. Dark and Stormy Night (Classic D&D)
5. Country Bumpkins (Classic D&D)
6. Reflections (Classic D&D)
7. Black Dawn (Classic D&D)
8. Hex and the City (Classic D&D)
9. What's in a Name? (Classic D&D)
10. I See You Shiver with Anticip- (Classic D&D)
11. The Most Eligible Bachelors (Bachelorettes) (Classic D&D)
12. Keystone (Classic D&D)
13. Meeting the Neighbors (Classic D&D)
14. Say Aaaaahhhh... (Classic D&D)
15. Hen's Teeth (Classic D&D)
16. Crack of Dawn (Classic D&D)
17. Red Sky at Morning (Classic D&D)
18. How Do You Lay Siege to a Dragon? (Classic D&D)
19. To Hear the Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Classic D&D)
20. Spoils of Victory? (Classic D&D)
21. Breaking the World (Classic D&D)
22. Fractured (Classic D&D)
23. Fallen Idols (Classic D&D)
24. Putting It All Back Together Again (Classic D&D)
25. The Beginning's End (Classic D&D)

There's a Bugbear in My Kitchen
1. Midnight at the Thirsty Devil (Weird West RPG)
2. Silly Rabbit, Trixx'ar4quits (Gamma World 1st ed)
3. Don't Blink (generic system)
4. Return of the Beat  Menace (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG)
5. My Triangle Shirtwaist (Call of Cthulhu)

Weekend Wizardry
1. A Skirmish with Soused Satyrs (generic system)
2. People in Need (generic system)
3. I Need a Drink (generic system)
4. The Wand of Kallakma (Labyrinth Lord)
5. Scared by the Bell (Labyrinth Lord)
6. A River Runs Under It (generic system)
7. Agent Provocatuer (Engines & Empires RPG)
8. The PCs Fight a Giant Shark (Labyrinth Lord)
9. The Siege (generic system)
10. A Not-So-Wild Goose Chase (Labyrinth Lord)
11. The Vengeful Dead (Labyrinth Lord)
12. Mark of the Wild (Labyrinth Lord)
13. The Undercity (generic system)
14.Earthquake! (Labyrinth Lord)
15. The Ship of Terror (Labyrinth Lord)
16. Across the Ice (Labyrinth Lord)
17. The Cobbler's Competition (Labyrinth Lord)
18. Raldor's Folly (generic system)
19. The Wand of Anything (Labyrinth Lord)
20. Chaos from the Sky (generic system)
21. The 4th Annual Trapbuilding Festival and Pig Roast (Labyrinth Lord)
22. Support Your Local Werewolf (Engines & Empires RPG)
23. The Hunt for Justice (Labyrinth Lord)
24. The Old Fort (Labyrinth Lord)
25. The Sky is the Limit (Labyrinth Lord)

Wombats Gaming Den of Iniquity
1. Stop, Thief? (Traveller)
2. Fixing the Factory (Traveller)
3. What's on the Crystal? (Traveller)
4. The Trouble with Textiles (Traveller)
5. Concrete Shoes (Traveller)
6. An Errand For Victor (Traveller)
7. The Enemy of My Enemy (Traveller)
8. About a Guardsman (Traveller)
9. Zoe's Rat-Faced Man (Traveller)
10. The Rat-Faced Plan (Traveller)
11. Drop that MacGuffin! (Traveller)


  1. Outstanding. It shows just how much creativity there is out there and how all it takes is a willing organiser to harness it. Thanks for being that person. As for the compilation, that's a lot of work too, and very much appreciated.

  2. Definitely - thanks for putting this list together - it's a lot to read, and this gives a handy place for linking back and catching up on the reading. I'm not getting to 25 in the next few days, but I have adventures 18-20 sketched out.

  3. #24 under Mithril was accidentally tagged for the challenge. However, it isn't actually one of the adventures even though I applied the RSG template...

  4. Thanks for making the compilation! It's just amazing how much creative juice is flowing; I'll have to do a lot of reading in October once this challenge is over.
    Kudos to those reaching the end of the challenge, and to those who even tried. I'm closing in on 25 myself; I don't know if I'm going to make it, but I'm giving it a last push. See you all at the finish line...Tally ho!

  5. Folks, I'm updating the list. Thanks for correction, Mark. If any other corrections need to be made, let me know!

  6. Updated as of Sept 29th. I also did an image for "Adventures Listed by Blog" and another for the by system list (which I will post later).

  7. Great stuff guys! I haven't been able to comment on everyone's stuff but I've been reading it!

  8. I just finished my final entry for this event. I will probably spend the next month catching up on what everyone else wrote. It was definitely a lot of fun doing.

  9. Just an FYI, /Matt, about half of the links you posted for Mithril and Mages have errors. For some reason, they seem to have picked up excess characters - %A0%A0

    No big deal. I haven't seen the issue with any other entries that I came back to read. Just an FYI.

  10. Hah just found this, I will be finishing up my Adventures Dark and Depp series and I have my X-ploers introduction posted.


  11. Linking this to a new wiki:


    If that's ok? If not, I shall remove the link.


  12. Sorry about the lack of updates on this. I removed the %A0%A0 from the Mithril and Mages pages - in both the by systems and by blog listings.

    Sorry again about the delay.


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