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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #36

Issue #36, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 36 of of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in August 2008.

This issue was the third of six about the 27 Lost Bicycles of Gondor for the post-apocalyptic setting Vegas After Midnight and the second adventure. The PCs enter Las Vegas and are hired guards, forced by their employer's spoiled son, to attend a upper crust party and then off to the Night Market!

The game notes were short on this issue, just two supporting PDFs that I made (Night Market and NPCs for Issue #36), and two websites on names (Choosing a Roman Name and Emo Baby Names).

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[1938] Personalities: Colonel Sir Leicester Dedlock

Colonel Sir Leicester Dedlock
Overall Commander, Manx Combined Forces

Primary: Hearts Ace (Just)
Secondary: Spades Jack (Pompous)

A native Manx, Colonel Sir Leicester Dedlock is the Old Guard. The world has turned upside down and now he must fight against his King as the Barons of old did against King John. Justice and noblesse oblige run through his veins. He has a responsibility to his men, his island, and the Empire as a whole to fight against Fascism and the totalitarianism they want to impose.

That trouble in Germany in the teens caused Leicester a lot of trouble. Now some old chappie of his (very much doubt that he'd remember Dedlock), Irvine Thornsby, is on the other side. Not that Thornsby was a bad officer, he was actually quite good, just a gentleman who's recently fell in with bad company, those BUF rakes. That's easily forgivable as he's not become a total cad. He's promised that no civilians will be hurt, as long as they stay out of it (which is right and proper). But Thornsby's fortified Port St. Mary, though, and that just won't do.

Dedlock may be a pompous ass but he's concerned with civilian casualties and the lives of his men. He's not ready to call for an open assault, instead using the information he's getting from inside the Port to understand troop movements and trench locations. He knows that there are less than 800 BUF legionaires in the town and is more aware of their morale than even Thornsby from his spies.

He knows that the longer this turns out, the more chance the garrison may surrender, as the grumbling about Mosley's policies (and the situation that got the BUF 1st Solway Legion stuck in Port St. Mary in the first place) is doing his work for him. A frontal assault would end with the town completely destroyed and untold loss of life.

He's got a phone line directly to Thornsby's office and talks with his opponent daily. So far, they've agreed to not use snipers and not specifically target officers. BUt Thornsby won't budge out of the town, either to attack or to retreat back to the mainland. It's a point of personal honor or some such, which is understandable, given his circumstances.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #35

Issue #35, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 35 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in August 2008.

I continue with the six part 27 Lost Bicycles of Gondor for Vegas After Midnight with the actual first part of the adventure - trapped in a mine field, can the PCs survive long enough to escape? And what about the snake?

Nearly all of the notes still work, including my own PDFs for the adventure (GM Map of the Minefield., PC Map of the Minefield. and NPCs for Issue #35), two wikipedia articles (The Wild Bunch and Strother Martin) and the urban dictionary definition of Neo Maxi Zoom Dweeby.

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[1938] Autogyro!

Autogyros are cool (and who doesn't like cool) for pulp style games like 1938! So here's the stats for our very own 1938: A Very British Civil War autogyro (using Clint Black's Savage Crimson Skies rules).

The Cierva C.30 Autogyro was developed by Cierva Autogiro Company from designer Juan de la Cierva. It was licensed to the Avro company (A V Roe & Co Ltd) in the UK in 1934.

Avro built 78 autogyros, 12 of them for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The RAF C.30s were designated Avro 671 Rota Mk1 (and were given serial numbers K4230 to K4239 and K4296 & K4775). The lot was delivered to the RAF at the Army School of Co-operation, Old Sarum, Salisbury by 1935.

About 37 non-military C.30s were registered in the UK during the late 1930s, while the rest of the aircraft built by Avro were sold abroad (many could return for the British Civil War).

Cierva C.30 Autogyro (3 points)
Crew: 2 (pilot, gunner)
Speed: 8 (Average, 2 points)
Toughness: 12 (2) (Poor)
Weaponry: Machinegun (Range: 15/30/60, Damage: 2d8, RoF: 3, Notes: AP2) (Poor)
Hard Points: 0 (Poor)

Glitches (1, -1 point):
  • Location Weakness (rotor tripod)- This aircraft has a weak point in a certain location that can have dire effects if hit in combat. The location requires a called shot at –2 to hit, but the GM adds +2 to the roll on the Critical Hit table if a wound is caused.
Upgrades (2, 2 points):
  • VTOL (gyrocopter) - stall speed is 0 (see Decreased Stall Speed).
  • Improved Engine- This aircraft’s engine is capable of performing in extreme conditions. It negates 2 points of Piloting penalties. This Tune Up can be taken twice for cumulative effects.

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[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 6, Cut Scenes

File:Three Surveillance cameras.jpg
Tuesday Night Sessions - GURPS Aftermath! Operation Morpheus Session 6 (November 11, 2003)

Session Six: "Two Step" (April 5, 2104)

Security Camera Footage (15, March 1998): AInet.AUS goes online for the first time. Linked together in a complete internet setting are over 70 Australian AIs located at universities, military reserves, private big business centres and government facilities, including: Sydney University Defense Computer, AMP Building/AMP Centre, Australian Government Centre, CIB Building, Flinders University, Government House, Kingsford Smith/Mascot/Sydney Airport, MacQuarie University, Melbourne University, New South Wales Institute of Technology, Parliament House, Premier's Department Building, Royal Australian Army Base - Holsworthy Army Camp, Royal Australian Army Base - Moore Park Barracks, Royal Australian Army Base - North Head Royal Artillery School, Royal Australian Army Base - Victoria Barracks, Royal Australian Naval Base - Balmoral Naval Depot, Royal Australian Naval Base - Cockatoo Island Naval Dockyard, Royal Australian Naval Base - Fort Denison, Royal Australian Naval Base - Garden Island Naval Dockyard, Royal Australian Naval Base - HMAS Platypus Submarine Hangar, Royal Australian Naval Base - Spectacle Island, Royal Australian Naval Base - South Head Naval Headquarters, Sydney Police Academy, University of New South Wales.

Security Camera Footage (15, March 1999): AInet.AUS goes fully online after one year of special testing. AIs are linked to form a Super AI, the first in world history.

Security Camera Footage (December 2003): SU Defense Computer is moved to new location in SUR building while still operational. SUR defenses prevent entry into University by mobs and Russian invasion troops. Command structure completely is depleted as command civilian and military members die from the plague or are killed in action.

Security Camera Footage (December 2003): Various AIs are destroyed or lose power: AMP Building/AMP Centre (unpowered), Australian Government Centre (destroyed), Flinders University (destroyed), Government House (unpowered), MacQuarie University (destroyed), Melbourne University (destroyed), New South Wales Institute of Technology (unpowered), Parliament House (unpowered), Premier's Department Building (unpowered), Royal Australian Naval Base - Balmoral Naval Depot (destroyed), Royal Australian Naval Base - Fort Denison (unpowered), Royal Australian Naval Base - HMAS Platypus Submarine Hangar (unpowered), University of New South Wales (destroyed).

Security Camera Footage (December 2003 - January 2103): Various AIs maintain power and security during the intervening years: Sydney University Defense Computer (operational), CIB Building (operational), Kingsford Smith/Mascot/Sydney Airport (operational), Royal Australian Army Base - Holsworthy Army Camp (operational), Royal Australian Army Base - Moore Park Barracks (operational), Royal Australian Army Base - North Head Royal Artillery School (operational), Royal Australian Army Base - Victoria Barracks (operational), Royal Australian Naval Base - Cockatoo Island Naval Dockyard (operational), Royal Australian Naval Base - Garden Island Naval Dockyard (operational), Royal Australian Naval Base - Spectacle Island (operational), Royal Australian Naval Base - South Head Naval Headquarters (operational), Sydney Police Academy (operational).

Security Camera Footage (January 2103): Two figures in combat armor enter Anderson Stuart building and go to Operation Morpheus center. With no full shots of their bodies or faces, they open two cryosleep chambers - Dr. Stephanie Shaw and Capt. Adele Droblas. Both are put through the same two week hell that the PCs experience, except that this is much, much harsher. When they are "fully recovered," the two figures in combat armor hand them a stack of papers as well as each a security card - Capt. Droblas a Cobalt/4 Military Key Card and Dr. Shaw an Indigo/2 Civilian Key Card. The top message on the stack of papers, written in the same handwriting as Group B's envelopes, simply says "You will be protected by the University only so long as your new community is a democracy, where the military answers to the civilian government."

Security Camera Footage (November 2103 - January 2104): Two troubleshooting groups, about 30 people in all, are activated. After working for a month or so, several members decide to overthrow the civilian government of the Uni Survivors of Anderson Stuart and convince the others to assist them. Fully armed and armored, they seize key areas of the bunker, and a detachment of five of them approach Capt. Droblas's Office. Three grab the guard outside and two enter with weapons out, calling for her to surrender her armory keys. A computer in the background of her office starts counting down from 30 seconds. Capt. Droblas refuses and warns the mutineers to disarm themselves, otherwise they are dead. They laugh and threaten her some more. She again warns them they are in danger - surrender or die. Again they demand her keys. When she doesn't comply, one tries to approach and all mutineers, at every location in the bunker, are cut down by the security lasers punching through heavy armor - two taps to the head, three to the heart and some continuous beam amputations of arms holding weapons is the most common method of death. Capt. Droblas sighs and mutters "Thanks" to no one in particular. The computer monitor chirps and the message on it says "You will be protected by the University only so long as your community is a democracy, where the military answers to the civilian government." Later, Capt. Droblas gets a rug to cover the laser scores on her office floor.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #34

Issue #34, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine
Issue no. 34 of  One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in July 2008.

This issue started the first part of six for my adventure The 27 Lost Bicycles of Gondor in a setting being developed by Mick Bradley called Vegas After Midnight. You'll notice that it is a direct A-to-B quest, but I was pretty proud of it.

Mick himself emailed me and said "I admire the level of detail and the obvious research you did, and I like that you found some cool locations and ideas that haven't been touched upon much by others. I also think your writing is very good. Nice work on all of it."

The only notes link that didn't work was Mick's original Vegas After Midnight link. The rest of them are just fine: House of the Harping Monkey, Mr. T in Stained Glass, two Fodor's (Fodor's Compass American Guides: Las Vegas and Fodor's Gold Guide Las Vegas 2007.) and then S. John Ross' The Big List of RPG Plots.

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[1938] Personalities: Constable John "Jack" Dawkins

File:Charles Edward Howard Vincent.jpg
John "Jack" Dawkins
Constable, Port St. Mary

Primary: Spades 9 (Driven)
Secondary: Hearts 2 (Laconic)

Constable Dawkins just wants to do his job. All this trouble with the King and Mrs. Simpson has nothing to do with him. Crime in Port St. Mary and the criminals doing those crimes are his purview.

He's disturbed by the invasion of the BUF and, while forced to work with them by the simple fact that they've got guns and he doesn't, has not changed the fact that he doesn't trust them and places the majority of them in the same box as a common street thug. But they represent "authority" at this point, and the current authority that is in control of the village.

When push comes to shove, however, his loyalty lies completely with Port St. Mary and the Isle of Man over these fascists from the mainland. Shockingly, he has broken with his normal hard stance against crime when it comes to resistance against the BUF. Several times now, he's covered for villagers' activities against the occupiers, which has shaken his world view.

A door has opened, beyond cops and robbers, that he's hesitant to step through. He may have no choice in the matter, as events over the next couple of months may conspire to push him through.

Currently, he patrols the village with a squad of BUF legionaires, apparently armed only with a police whistle. He noticed from the beginning that the squad are rather lax with their weapons and, just yesterday, to his shame, he "acquired" a pistol and ammunition, which he has hidden on his person. If push comes to shove (or actually fascist against villager), he is prepared to defend his home.

Constable John "Jack" Dawkins (WC)

Agility d8 Smarts d8 Spirit d8 Strength d8 Vigor d8
Parry 5 Toughness 6 Pace 6 Charisma -0-

Edges: Alertness, Investigator
Hindrances: Heroic, Loyal, Vow (uphold the Law)

Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d8, Notice d8+2, Investigation d8+2, Streetwise d8+2.

Standard equipment:
  • Police whistle
  • Webley Mk4, Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6-1, RoF: 1, Wt: 4, Notes: AP 1; Revolver.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #33

Issue #33, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine Issue no. 33 of  One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in July 2008.

I explore the TV show 24 and using it's format in a game plus continue with the Chinese tactics (this time Loot a Burning House) and round it out with actual government papers (some declassified) in the Black Vault.

All the links associated with this issue still work: all the 24 ones (1, 2, and 3); The Black Vault; and Claude Frederic Bastiat.

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[1938] Personalities: Mayor Noah Claypole

Mayor Noah Claypole
Port St. Mary

Primary: Clubs 3 (Backed into a corner)
Secondary: Diamonds 10 (Makes Scrooge look good)

Noah Claypole was elected mayor in Port St. Mary 15 years ago and has held the post ever since. He's not a very good mayor, nor is he very forceful. He blows which ever way the wind blows, which made him an excellent mayor for the rich and powerful in the town. His greed, however, usually made those lapses of strong moral fiber all the better (or at least more profitable).

Over the past decade, he's amassed a nice fortune, mostly in cash bribes but other favors as well. When the BUF invaded his town, it collapsed his years of planning. Realizing that surrender was the only option (at the time), he's scrambled to regain his footing in swiftly shifting sand. The BUF have upset his apple cart and they've got guns! This isn't cricket, that's for sure. His usual smoozing and trading favor for favor don't work with them. And he's realized that he's treading a fine line between collaboration and open rebellion. His constituents are starting to turn away from his obsequious deference to the BUF, while the BUF treat him like a rebellious local.

He's aware of the underground movement in the town but has kept that secret for now. It may play to denounce the plotters to Major Thornsby when his fortunes hit rock bottom, but the cost would be too high. Maybe he can do it while still maintaining an appearance of resistance. Yes, he sweats, as the rock and the hard place move ever closer to each other. Which way will he turn?

[Pencast] Smugglers Cave!

Pencast no. 2 is my write-up on a smuggler's cave. You can use it in any setting, from fantasy to modern. Currently, I'm using a version in a Savage Worlds fantasy campaign.


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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #32

Issue #32, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 32 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in June 2008.

This issue has the actual play notes from my Terrible Old House Call of Cthulhu scenario from Issue no. 26. I also talk a bit about a post-apocalyptic setting called Vegas After Midnight and a brilliant bit of social commentary called the Crackpot Index.

Only one link still works: Crackpot Index.

[Pencast] How to Make a Savage Worlds Character

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a little tech tool called a Pulse Smartpen (by Live Scribe). The Pulse holds 2GB of data and allows you to record audio and writing, as you are writing! The pen comes with a starter notebook filled with special paper, which they call Dot Paper (don't worry, the forums already have people creating their own Dot Paper to print in PDF format, so you don't have to buy any more notebooks if you don't want to).

Writing on the notebook with the Pulse, you can record and play back the info (because it's all time stamped with locations on the Dot Paper). You can also share your output in three formats: audio, PDF or what the company calls a Pencast, a combined audio/animation file.

And, you can share your Pencast with others! That is so cool!
So my very first Pencast is all about how to make a Savage Worlds Character.

I hope you enjoy, 'cause I plan on doing more.

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[1938] Order of Battle: Manx Forces

File:Officers and members of the 26th Battalion of the Second Canadian Expeditionary Force.jpg
Combined Manx Forces

Colonel Sir Leicester Dedlock

Command Company, 65 men
  • 2IC Captain Michael Kedgick

Manx Forces

Ramsey Company, 120 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Arthur Gride
  • The Cronk Irregulars, Lt. Arthur Duff
  • Regaby Militia, Lt.  John Brownlow
  • Churchtown and Sulby Volunteers, Lt. Neville Landless
  • Point of Ayre Militia, Lt. Francis Scrooge
1st Douglas Company, 273 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Luke Honeythunder
  • Onchan Irregulars, Lt. Alexander Manette
  • Douglas Police Unit, Lt. Clarence Bucket
  • 1st Union Mills Platoon, Lt. William Guppy
  • 2nd Union Mills Platoon, Lt. Frederick Hortense
2nd Douglas Company, 296 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Lawrence Boythorn
  • Baldwin and Glen Vine Militia, Lt. Abel Magwitch
  • Kirk Michael and Barregarrow Militia, Lt.
  • St. Marks Militia, Lt. Mark St. Evremonde
  • Newton Platoon, Lt. Timothy Omer
Castletown Company, 151 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Jacob Marley
  • Castletown Militia, Lt. Richard Payne
  • The Peel Boys, Lt. Phillip Pirrip
  • Port Erin Police Unit, Lt. Kit Nubbles
  • Calf of Man Local Defense Volunteers, Lt. Samuel Slumkey
  • Bellabeg Militia, Lt. Horatio Fizkin

Scottish Republican Army

Admiral James Douglas-Buccleah

Admiral James Douglas-Buccleah's Guard, 344 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Mitchel Flite
  • Lovat's Scouts, Lt. Newman Noggs
  • 1st Scots Guards, Lt. George A. George
  • Royal Scottish Naval Platoon, Lt. Paul Dombey
  • Glasgow University Volunteers, Lt. James Harthouse

Liverpool Free Staters

Lt. Colonel Arthur Havisham

3rd Liverpool Free State Peoples Army, 216 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Walter Gay
  • Forthlin Road Militia, Lt. Charlie Hexam
  • Lime Street Red Militia, Lt. Edwin Leeford
  • Church Ward Militia, Lt. Caddy Jellyby
  • Knotty Ash People's Volunteer Militia, Lt. Joseph Quinion

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[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 5, Part 2

File:A single white feather closeup.jpg
Session Five: Part 2: "Somebody's Crying" (April 5, 2104)

Important PCs: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C).

Important NPCs: Robbie the PolRob, Nasdaq the Robot, Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, Matt Borselli, PhD Physics, Captain Adele Droblas, RAA Captain and SUR Commander, Lt. Mike Garrison, Uni Militia, Corporal Jones, and various other Uni Survivors.

The next morning, the Group awakens and James notices that Bob has dirty feet and calves. He casually asks if Bob had been sleepwalking again and Bob says that he actually was taken from Anderson Stuart by two MilRobs to the Sydney University Regiment (SUR) Building. That wakes James and the rest of the Group up quickly.

Bob tells his story and leaves nothing out, showing the video disks to the Group. James asks Alexis why she didn't tell the rest of them about this situation and Alexis says that she believes that her life was in danger. Both Bob and James believe that the *someone* who Alexis was communicating with is not the University Defense Computer (UDC) who 'contacted' Bob. Bob is also convinced that they are being observed through the security cameras - who else would have known about his Reactor training with Andy?

Since Bob has a Gold/1 Military Key Card clearance, Alexis gets Bob to open the high security files about alternate realities/quantum physics/dimensional travel. It turns out that these files are not theoretical in nature but experimental! Amid diagrams of various devices, they find a picture of President George W. Bush shaking hands with President George W. Bush! Alexis brings the files to Matt in Supply. Matt contacts the others in the Science department for assistance, then bothers to ask if these are on the QT. Alexis says just to limit access.

James calls up Miles and Group A to talk to Amanda who was on night watch. Amanda tells them that nothing happened during the night. James talks to Robbie and Nasdaq and both robots state that two Anderson Stuart SecRobs entered the area and departed. They rush to the Security Station and play back the security tapes. On the tapes two unknown robots enter the area and escort/carry the sleeping Bob out, right past Robbie and Nasdaq and synchronized to avoid Amanda on her patrols. The fact that *whoever* arranged this did not doctor the tapes means it was either purposefully left there or it was sloppy work. The Group determines that this was a purposeful action leaving the tape intact.

Since Bob entered SUR and now has a Gold/1 Military Key Card, the Group believes that they can now enter SUR again and so prepare for that. James asks Miles if his Group has anything on their docket today, which Miles responds that nothing that couldn't be put off till later. Bill believing that the Group is leaving soon goes to the garage and gets in the car.

James goes to Captain Droblas's office and talks to Captain Droblas and Lt. Garrison. He explains that he believes that an unknown enemy has control of the Anderson Stuart computer and security cameras/lasers. He demands that the Ethernet link be severed and the security cameras/lasers be disassembled. Captain Droblas takes his suggestions under advisement but responds that the orders to disassemble the cameras/lasers and sever the Ethernet link is up to the Uni Survivors Council - the military is subordinate to the civilian authority.

James exits the Captain's office and calls Bill on the radio, telling him to get down to the Captain's office on the third floor of Anderson Stuart ASAP. He then turns to Corporal Jones beside the Captain's door and tells him that the Captain wants to see him.

Entering the Captain's office again, James draws his pistol on his superior officers and orders Captain Droblas, Lt. Garrison and Corporal Jones to stand down. He states that he is arresting the Captain because he believes the Captain, the SUR commander, has violated two sections of Article 99 (Misbehavior before the Enemy) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

End of Session Five

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #31

Issue# 31, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 31 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in June 2008.

This issue dealt with shoehorning Arc Dream's Godlike/Wild Talent RPG into the Babylon 5 setting, while still keeping the Psi Corps (which existed prior to the appearance of the supers) and set during the Earth-Mimbari War. I also included another ancient Chinese tactic.

Nearly all of the game links still work, including Arc Dream (with Godlike RPG and Godlike RPG Downloads), "Godlike + Twilight 2000 = ?" (a thread on, Babylon 5 (wikipedia) and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers FAQ.

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[OSR] List of Old School Renaissance RPGs

File:Uomo Vitruviano.jpg
UPDATED II: I started a thread over at in order to get a complete list of the Old School Renaissance RPGs that are floating around.

Here's what I've gathered so far (and I've added the Fantasy ones to the sidebar).

Generic:*Thanks to all for the names and links

[Alignment] Neutral Good

Neutral Good, "Benefactor"
A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.
Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #30

Issue #30, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 30 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in May 2008.

Last issue, I discussed a magical doorway in Seattle. This issue, I present a very dangerous cab that would work great in a modern/mystical setting. Also, I talk a bit about ancient Chinese strategy and add another good quote from a podcast I like.

Several of the game links still work: Wikipedia (The King In Yellow, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington and Thirty Six Strategies of War in Ancient China), Fear the Boot, Episode 70 and Shi: Senryaku.

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[1938] Order of Battle: The BUF 1st Solway Legion

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-166-0508-31, Kreta, Vormarsch deutscher Fallschirmjäger.jpg
BUF 1st Solway Legion

Major Irvine Thornsby

Command Company, 80 men
  • 2IC Captain Walter Bray

A Company, 200 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Sydney Carton
  • 1st Platoon, Lt. Pierre Zamiel,
  • 2nd Platoon, Lt. Tony Weller
  • 3rd Platoon, Lt.Taylor Trabb

B Company, 227 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Frank Cheeryble
  • 1st Platoon, Lt. James Hawdon
  • 2nd Platoon, Lt. Daniel Quilp
  • 3rd Platoon, Lt.Mulberry Hawk

C Company, 195 men
  • Company HQ, Captain Edward Leeford
  • 1st Platoon, Lt. Charlie Hexam
  • 2nd Platoon, Lt. Alfred Jingle
  • 3rd Platoon, Lt. Sowerberry aka "The Butcher"

New Nameplate

I made a new nameplate this morning (with editorial comments from the woman) and uploaded it. I think it looks pretty smart.

The picture is from plate 46 of the Morgan Bible (also known as the Maciejowski Bible, the Morgan Bible of Louis IX, the Book of Kings, and the Crusader Bible).

The font is Uneasy by S. John Ross. The image manipulation was performed using Paint.NET v.3.5.2.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #29

Issue #29, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 29 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in May 2008.

This issue, I share my very own setting that I submitted for the WotC setting search (Eberron won). My submission, though, was the best. They just didn't recognize it. It will be seen as the brilliant setting it is when I am dead and gone, unfortunately. At least that's what my Magic 8 Ball says.

Anyways, I also included a short blurb on a Morrow Project game that I only ran for a couple of sessions. I based it on a series of books set in Alan Dean Foster's Humanx universe (GURPS had a setting book for it - which I own - but I heartily recommend this series and the rest of the ADF's books). I like Morrow Project. And so should you.

All of my game links work: Info on the WotC setting search (1, 2), more Wikipedia links (Eberron and Icerigger Triology by Alan Dean Foster) and some of my Morrow Project stuff (3, 4).

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[1938] British Mark V Tank

File:British Mark V (male) tank.jpg
There are two different versions of the British Mark V Tank, the Male and the Female, each with different armaments. They are both 26.5 feet long and 8.75 feet high (but have different widths). The top speed was about 5 MPH (2 yards per second), with a range of 45 miles (10 operational hours). The crew consisted of one each commander and driver, four gunners and two gearsmen.

The Male tank was 29 tons and 13.5 feet wide. The tank's armament consisted of two Hotchkiss 6 Pound guns and four Hotchkiss Mk 1 .303 machine guns

The Female tank weighed in at 28 tons and measured 10.5 feet wide. The female's armament consisted of four Vickers .303 machine guns and two Hotchkiss Mk 1 .303 machine guns

Approximately 400 of these tanks were donated at the end of World War I to towns across the UK for public memorials. And many of these memorials are still around in 1938. Militias on both sides of the Very British Civil War are taking them off of their pedestals and re-arming them for the fight.

Few of the re-purposed Male tanks field the 6 pound guns and many of them have newer engines (increasing the maximum speed). Several of the low-end re-purposed tanks have replaced the original heavy machine guns with military rifles (SMLEs), at least until machinegun replacements can be found.

Acc/TS: 0.25"/1" (max. speed 5MPH)
Toughness: 16/16/16 (5/5/5)
Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked
2x 6 pound cannon (Range: 25/50/100; Damage: 4D8 AP, 3D8 HE; RoF: 1; AP 4, HW)
2x Twin HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2x2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)

British Mark V (Male) Tank (re-armed, high-end) 
Acc/TS: 0.5"/3" (max. speed 15MPH)
Toughness: 16/14/14 (5/5/5)

Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked

2x Twin HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2x2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)
2x Twin HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2x 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)

British Mark V (Male) Tank (re-armed, low-end) 
Acc/TS: 0.25"/1" (max. speed 5MPH)
Toughness: 16/12/12 (5/5/5)

Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked

2x HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)
2x SMLE (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 1; AP2)

British Mark V (Female) Tank (pristine)
Acc/TS: 0.25"/1"
Toughness: 16/16/16 (5/5/5)

Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked

2x Twin HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2x2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)
2x HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)

British Mark V (Female) Tank (re-armed, high-end)
Acc/TS: 0.5"/3" (max. speed 15MPH)
Toughness: 16/12/12 (5/5/5)

Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked

2x HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)
2x HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)

British Mark V (Female) Tank (re-armed, low-end)
Acc/TS: 0.25"/1" (max. speed 5MPH)
Toughness: 12/12/12 (5/5/5)

Crew: 8 (commander, driver, 4 gunners, 2 gearmen)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked

2x HMG (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 2; AP2, Snapfire)
2x SMLE (Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2D8; RoF: 1; AP2)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 5, Part 1

File:B1 machining.jpg

Session Five: Part 1: "When You're Falling" (April 4 - 5, 2104)

Important PCs: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C)

Important NPCs: Robbie the PolRob, Nasdaq the Robot, Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, several Giant Spiders, several MilRobs, the University Defense Computer aka UDC, Matt Borselli, PhD Physics, and various other Uni Survivors.

The spiders are observing Group B from the top of the Carslaw Building when James spots one Giant Spider waving what appears to be a bit of white cloth - a truce or surrender?

Pointing it out to the others, James calls out to the spiders to come and talk. He moves to the front door and removes the axe holding the door shut. Opening the door, with his gun to his side, he calls to the spiders. The spiders do not respond.

Calling for the rest of the Group to support him, using pilot fly codes ("Group, diamond formation, forward!"), James enters Carslaw once again, with Bill in a support position. Bob and Alexis stay at the front doors while Robbie and Nasdaq remain outside. Bob blocks the doors open with the axe and some rocks.

James gets frustrated that the Group is not following his orders and again calls for a diamond formation as they move towards the foyer opening. Alexis finally complies but Bob remains in the center of the foyer, watching their backs.

Robbie enters the building but Nasdaq remains outside. James again calls to the spiders and the Group notices that the dead spiders are gone. The spiders do not respond. The Group tries the stairs up spotted earlier but they end after a few feet in a ruined mess.

The Group exits Carslaw again and James asks Nasdaq why it didn't enter the building with the rest of them. Nasdaq responds that re-entering the building is a waste of it's resources and that this situation is not important.

The Group decides to try to find a way to climb the sides of the building to see if they can communicate with the spiders. Returning to their car, they find one of the passenger doors open. Quickly going to combat mode, Bob and Alexis approach the car and notice that there is an box on the passenger seat.

Bill determines, to the best of his ability, that the box is not trapped. In the process, he finds a piece of paper under the box that says "This is not a bomb" in the same handwriting that the envelopes from the Security Vault in Anderson Stuart were written in. Bill cautiously removes the box from the vehicle and opens it, revealing two books titled: "The Last 25 Years of US History, 2003 edition" as well as a thick manila envelope. Opening the envelope, they discover about 300 pictures - pictures of them and the rest of the Uni Survivors.

Bob and Bill return to Anderson Stuart for climbing gear and extension ladders while James, Alexis, Robbie and Nasdaq watch Carlsaw from the front. After a couple of hours, Bob and Bill return with the ladders and the Group climbs to the top of the two story auditorium. From there, they stretch the ladders across to the roof of Carslaw and climb one by one, starting with Bill and ending with Bob.

When Bill gets to the roof, he notices the large holes in the roof as well as a large pile of bones about 70 feet away. Cautioning the others to stop, he figures that the pile of bones is made up of human and animal bones. There are no signs of the Giant Spiders. With everyone on the roof the Group attempts to open some of the fourth floor metal shuttered windows.

Bill is lowered to two windows and manages to open them. Using his flashlight, he looks through the windows and finds that the whole building, with the exception of the foyer, is just an empty shell, with girders and beams and spider webs.

The Group return to the ground and drive around Carslaw again, to determine if there are any basement entrances or windows. They do not find any so they give up on contacting the spiders and return to Anderson Stuart.

For the rest of the day, James readies his weapons and gets another pistol from Supply. Meanwhile, Bill, Bob and Alexis examine the books and photos. The books are mostly the same with some very different contents. Book 1 contains the history that Group B remembers. But Book 2 contains history that never happened on Earth, to their knowledge. It seems that in Book 2, the US returned to the moon in 1980 and built the first of three moon bases in 1984. That, coupled with great advances in technology, brought the Book 2 US into early TL8 in the mid-80s, and late TL8/early TL9 in the mid-90s.

Alexis does some research on possible alternate realities/quantum physics/dimensional travel on the computer and comes up with several theoretical papers from the Physics department. She also finds about six documents that require a Gold/1 Military Key Card to access. Alexis brings the theoretical papers to Matt in Supply and asks him to review them and make conclusions. He tells her that he'll get back to her in a few days. Alexis also shows Matt Books 1 and 2. Matt has no memory of any moon bases. He sends a quick email questionnaire to everyone in Anderson Stuart, outlining several historical facts as well as some facts from Book 2, just to see how many people remember Book 1's view of history as opposed to Book 2.

With many questions, the Group goes to bed, with Amanda from Group A on night watch.

Bob wakes up because his feet are cold and fully wakes up when he realizes that two unknown robots are carrying him outside of Anderson Stuart and onto the University Campus. When he is fully awake, in only a t-shirt and boxers with his Silver/2 Military Key Card around his neck, the two robots allow him to walk.

They escort him down Eastern Avenue to City Road and up to the Sydney University Regiment (SUR) Building. Warning him to obey all orders and not to deviate from his escorted path on pain of death, the robots have him use his Silver/2 Military Key Card to enter SUR. The robots take him into the building and into an elevator. The elevator descends several floors below the surface of the street.

He is walked out of the elevator and down a hallway. One of the doors that he passes contains a fully operational repair facility for security robots and he sees many being repaired. Finally, they bring him to another elevator, which takes him down several floors to the Reactor Control Center for SUR.

The robots tell him to get to work and then set themselves up to guard the door. Bob notes that the Reactor level is about 10% of full and that the draw is about 10% of maximum. With this draw, the Reactor has about 10 years of fuel left. Bob remembers what Andy told him and starts the Water-to-Fuel conversion process, which takes several hours. When the robots escort Bob out of the Reactor Control Room, he notices that the Reactor level is now at 100%.

The robots take Bob by a different route and he passes by several rooms that contain *occupied* cryosleep modules, about 20 modules in all. Then they bring him into a room with video equipment set up. Pushing him into a chair, a video starts playing.

The video shows Alexis on the computer, with an over her shoulder view of the computer. The date stamp on the video says April 3, 2104. A message screen pops up on Alexis's computer that says "I make a better friend than an enemy" and then shows a montage of images that show the Anderson Stuart bunker losing power, SecRobs entering the bunker and killing all the Uni Survivors. Then the message screen pops up again and instructs Alexis to install the Trojan Horse program on all computers she can access, and provides her with a program that makes the Trojan Horse program invisible.

Then another video starts. This shows at least four security night-vision camera angles of the inside of the Carslaw building and the great number of Giant Spiders that reside there. The date stamp on the video says April 4, 2104. The video shows Group B enter Carslaw and their subsequent combat with the Giant Spiders in exacting detail.

When this video ends, the machine punches out two video disks and the robots tell Bob it is time to go. Bob surreptitiously takes the two video disks from the machine and is escorted out by the robots.

He is taken to another floor of SUR, hopelessly lost, and put in another room. Several robots there take his Silver/2 Military Key Card. They take his picture and return to him a Gold/1 Military Key Card.

His robot escorts take him out of SUR and back to Anderson Stuart, where they leave him at the vehicle lift. Bob re-enters Anderson Stuart bunkers and goes to bed, without telling anyone what happened.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #28

Issue #28, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine
Issue no. 28 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in April 2008.

I return to D20 in this issue, kinda building on the previous issue's time-period, and build a setting for a D20 Jerusalem: The First Crusade campaign (which takes up most of the issue, including bits on the history, movie and book sources, and creatures damned and grotesque). I also add a bit of fun set in Seattle, a magical door down the road from a mystical troll.

Thankfully, all my source links still work: Two excellent D20 products (Elizabethulhu by Cam Banks and The Last Days of Constantinople by Avalanche Press) as well as a bunch of Wikipedia links (The First Crusade, Siege of Jerusalem, Gesta Francorum (the deeds of the Franks), The Fremont Troll, The Siege Perilous and Harsh Realm TV show).

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[Resources] The Model 1840 Army NCOs Sword

The Model 1840 Army NCOs Sword is a cast brass-hilted sword with 31 inch blade used by the U.S. Army since 1840. It was used with distinction in the Mexican-American War (1846 - 1848), the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) and the Spanish-American War (1898). Even today, the sword is used as a ceremonial weapon for the U.S. Army.

The sword was used by non-commissioned officers: sergeants and sergeant-majors, quartermasters and corporals. Today, only platoon and first sergeants are permitted to wear it, and it's only honor guards and the 3rd Infantry that do so.

A 170-year old model, based on a German sword that was, in turn, based on a British design used during the Napoleonic Wars. That's a great history for a sword model. Have any game settings had a similar history on even one of their swords?

Monday, February 7, 2011

[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #27

Issue #27, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 27 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in April 2008.

This issue is all Savage Worlds. I wrote up the stats for Grendel after reading the fine novel by John Gardner and also came up with the four swords used to kill a saint (that would imbue them with some sort of power, surely).

All the links work: from Wikipedia (Saint Thomas Becket; the four knights: Reginald Fitzurse, Richard le Breton, William de Tracy and Hugh de Moreville; Weyland Smith; and both Grendel and the novel Grendel by John Gardner), Classifications of Swords, Type X or XIII  and Grendel by John Gardner (

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[1938] Personalities: The Butcher

File:Wladyslaw Anders.jpg
Lt. Sowerberry (aka The Butcher)
3rd platoon, C company, BUF 1st Solway Legion

Primary: Clubs Ace (War Leader)
Secondary: Spades Queen (Ruthless)

"The Butcher" is a small, thin man with a quiet voice that belies his violent and ruthless reputation. Ever polite, his menace is simply in his voice and eyes. His own men fear him, the rest of the BUF legion fear him, the villagers fear him and even his enemies fear him. Most people realize upon meeting him that he's a wolf in a man's skin.

His history is unknown to most, including his given name, except that at one point he was a butcher. He casually mentioned it to one of his men and the moniker stuck. Now most know him as "The Butcher" but few know the origin, assuming it is the result of something nasty and brutish. Rumors abound as to how many people he's killed in bloody rages but none of the rumormongers ever have seen the atrocities they claim he has done, it's always "a friend of a friend" who supposedly witnessed the event.

Major Thornsby is totally unaware of Lt. Sowerberry's notoriety, simply seeing an officer that gets things done, whether it's gaining ground or interrogating prisoners. Since he's competent, Thornsby has made him his intellegence officer, in addition to his normal duties.

The Butcher has a very simple way to get the information he wants - he "invites" the subject to tea and simply stares at them. His smile or frown, coupled with his fearsome reputation, has a profound effect on the prisoner and soon they break, spilling their secrets. He's broken every prisoner he's questioned and (so far) all without physical violence or the threat of physical violence (though he did put his tea cup down forcefully one time).

Lt. Sowerberry (WC)

Agility d8 Smarts d10 Spirit d10 Strength d6 Vigor d8
Parry 5 Toughness 5 Pace 6 Charisma -0-

Edges: Marksman, Woodsman, Hard to Kill II, Combat Reflexes, Command, Quick, Improved Level Headed, Improved Nerves of Steel, Strong Willed.

Hindrances: Small.

Skills: Intimidation d12+2, Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Throwing d8, Guts d10, Investigation d8, Persuasion d6, Survival d8+2, Stealth d8+2, Tracking d8+2, Healing d6, Knowledge (Battle) d8.

Standard equipment:
  • SMLE Rifle, Range: 24/48/96, Damage: 2d8, RoF: 1, Wt: 9, Notes: AP 2.
  • Combat knife (per SWEX).
  • Helmet, Armor: +3, Wt: 5, Notes: 50% chance of protecting against head shot.
  • Webley Mk4, Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6-1, RoF: 1, Wt: 4, Notes: AP 1; Revolver
Note: The Butcher is never alone. There are usually 6-8 BUF Legionaires around him at all times. His men are more scared of him then they are of any combat situation they may be put in and will follow his orders as best they can.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #26

Issue #26, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine
Issue 26 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in March 2008.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I wrote up a Call of Cthulhu scenario I ran with the CMT. Since it was set in WWI, the body count and the sanity loss was high. It had been a long, long time since I ran CoC. The group had a good time but it was pretty brutally obvious that most of them weren't going to get out of it alive. I made sure there were plenty of PCs/NPCs in the squad to make sure when a death did occur, the player could keep on keepin' on.

A bunch of the game notes links still work: The Lost Battalion (wikipedia), No Man's Land: WWI Mythos Action with the Lost Battalion (Call of Cthulhu) (Chaosium) by Sam Johnson, Chaosium CoC Quickstart Rules Page, 8 Privates for my scenario, Call of Cthulhu Online Generator, and "RIP Gary Gygax" thread (

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[1938] Personalities: Major Irvine Thornsby, BUF Commander

File:Rodolfo Graziani.jpg
Major Irvine Thornsby, BUF 1st Solway Legion
Primary: Hearts King (Honorable)
Secondary: Club 8 (Career Soldier)

Major Irvine Thornsby is in a pickle and one not of his making. Since joining the BUF in 1934, he's attached his horse to "Bully Boy" Boyce, rising as Boyce has risen and falling as well. And Boyce's failed invasion of the Isle of Man is where his fall started.

After the diminished BUF 1st Solway Legion came ashore on the Isle of Man at Port St. Mary after the disastrous sea battle near Douglas, good ole "Bully Boy" high-tailed it back to the mainland by plane, leaving Irvine to hold the bag. He was an Officer of the Great War (something he's held to with great pride), before all this started, and once a true believer in Mosley's (and the King, by extension) cause. Now, he's torn by his duty to his oaths and his duty to his men.

As an Officer of the Great War, he's seen his share of death and was suprised that he'd be left in a position very much like the trenches of France. But the trench warfare that he very much felt was a waste of men and material has come upon him again, this time in his very own England.

His troops mean the world to him and that is what keeps him going. No longer is he worried about his place in history or his advancement or his good name, as he's since learned that the Isle of Man invasion has become "Thornsby's Folly," at least among the BUF. And he's perfectly aware of the source - Boyce, in an effort to save face, has abandoned Irvine and spread the idea among the fascists that the invasion was Thornsby's plan all along (of which few Royalist officers believe but the BUF is eating up).

To the BUF high command, the Isle of Man is a lost cause but one that could have some advantage. Thornsby has realized that his position is used solely to keep enemy forces that could be used elsewhere against Mosley bottled up, no matter the cost in men. As a result, support from the mainland has trickled to an occasional resupply.

In the few months that Port St. Mary has been occupied, he has worked hard to train his small force to the peak of efficiency, for two reasons: keeping the troops busy prevents trouble with the villagers and hoping against hope that he'll figure some way to abandon this fruitless battlefield for a better one.

He cannot retreat nor can he advance and so is forced to dig in, in a hostile village. Well aware that the villagers are informing the enemy on his every movement (and also aware that stopping that flow of information is a near impossibility), he has instituted a rather direct approach to the civilians, warning them to not become involved in military matters and the BUF will be kept in check. If the villagers stay out of it, then there will be no trouble. He has hanged three of his own men, two for looting and one for attempted rape, to show his good will towards them. As a result of this intervention, the villagers will avoid direct trouble (i.e. a gun battle) with BUF legionaires.

He's instituted rationing on the village, making sure that the poor, elderly and widowed are properly fed even before his own men (as he fears that the Manx forces will shell the village if civilians are mistreated). With limited food stock, he's allowed the local fishermen to continue their trade (with BUF soldiers sprinkled among the boats to keep them in line) but knows that this could spell trouble in the future, if Manx forces attempt an infiltration of the Port.

A strict curfew is in effect, starting at 8PM until 5AM and each villager is required to carry identification papers at all times (printed by the now-seized local paper and changed at his whim). So far no one has been shot violating curfew (though he warns the villagers that is a possibility).

Using the local press, he has printed "Mosley script" to pay for everything he and his troops "buy," assuring the merchants that the government will reimburse them after the conflict is over. He's kept trouble to a minimum by allowing the local pubs to be open only to civilians three days a week, alternating with the three BUF-only days (Sundays, the pubs are closed). The BUF legionaires have been warned about stiff penalties for public drunkiness.

Though he is a harsh commander, made even harsher by his circumstances, his men have grown to love and respect "the Old Man," and will, increasingly, follow him out of sheer devotion. He's keeping them alive, occupied and fed, a miracle in these times. As the siege wears on, the majority of his men develop a dislike to BUF policies (the one that stranded them here in particular) and their loyalties will shift totally onto him - a situation which may lead to the legion, as a whole, to force the Major to chose which side of the war he's really on.

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[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 5, Cut Scenes

Tuesday Night Gaming Sessions - GURPS Aftermath! Operation Morpheus Session 5 (November 4, 2003)

Session Five: "Camera One" (April 4 - 5, 2104)

The Computer System: In a darkened room, a large mainframe computer is working away. On many monitors around the room are images flashing too fast for the human eye. On one monitor is a view of the University defense perimeter. Robots are seen clearing the defense perimeter of useful weapons and equipment from the dead. Then robots clear the corpses from the defense perimeter, piling them within the University campus. Later, Giant Spiders come and take the dead bodies away.

The Loonies: Many weeks after the fight with the mysterious creatures, a group of Scouts arrives and investigates the attack. No survivors are found. The Scouts are profoundly disturbed - Who could have done this, who had the resources, men and material, to utterly wipe out the Loonies while still suffering extreme casualties? Who could have done this to such an extent, that all the Loonies are dead?

The Sign: Close up view of a small nuclear symbol on what seems to be a curved surface.

The Observatory Hill House: View of Observatory, located near the Domain Commune, under attack by bandits. While community members defend the House and grounds, the arrival of several tanks and support troops from the Domain Commune turn the tide against the bandits, ending in their defeat.

The Duchy of Sydney: A La Parouse patrol of Knights and men-at-arms, 15 all told, is slaughtered by the mysterious creatures as sun sets over Sydney. No survivors and again the creatures remove their own dead from the battlefield.

Two coffee table sized books, both titled: "The Last 25 Years of US History, 2003 edition" are side-by-side on a table. The books are identical except that each cover contains several different color photographs. A figure, only seen as gloved hands and police body armor, places the books into an box along with a thick manila envelope. Then the box is picked up and walked across the University campus and placed in Group B's Land Rover outside of the Carslaw Building.

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[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #25

Issue #25, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine
Issue no. 25 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in March 2008.

This was the first issue of year two of my 'zine and I learned quite a bit during the first year that I implemented in this year. I still was pretty scattered about content, jumping here and there with my gamer ADHD, but I had (by this time) a more stable layout and better content IMO. This issue, I wrote up a bit on a cyberpunk setting, coupling together a bunch of GURPS references and a fiction book or two for a Savage Worlds setting.

Additionally, this was a hard issue for me to write - my beloved cat, Tess, had passed away the month before and even re-reading this, three years later, was still hard.

Most of the game notes are still working: Savage Worlds Conversions, GURPS (Cyberpunk, Cyberworld, Cthulhupunk, Robin Hood and Technomancer), the novel The Last Hot Time, info on Polydactyl Cats (Wikipedia), a funny video 1-900-Nerd-Girl from the Monkey Box, and a Ducks in RQ thread (

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[1938] Personalities: A Veritable Who's Who

File:Warsaw Uprising by Deczkowki - Kolegium A -15861.jpg
Part of what is necessary in a sandbox setting like my 1938: A Very British Civil War Isle of Man Campaign is an initial group of NPCs for the player characters to interact with or at the least know about.

So, like normal, I'm going to make up a few character sketches of allies, enemies and contacts for the players to love and hate and fight and scheme and save and destroy. In this setting, there are a lot of possibilities - British Union of Fascists (BUF) officers and men, villagers, Liverpool Free Staters, Manx officers and men, Lovat's Scouts, policemen, farmers, priests, merchants, scheming politicians, pub patrons, noblemen, spies on both sides, Scottish Republicans, and serving maids (can't forget those).

Most of the NPCs will just their background and motivations presented. And I'll be using the old 1st edition Twilight 2000 NPC motivations using a standard deck of playing cards. Basically, each suit is a different motivation: Clubs is Violence, Diamonds is Avarice, Hearts is Sociability and Spades is Ambition. The face cards are strongest aspects, from Ace to Jack, while the number cards range from "somewhat" to "very" for that motivation. You can see a shortened list on this Dragon Bean Press blogpost. For NPCs that I expect the PCs to fight, I'll present the whole Savage Worlds stat block.

As an aside, in order to have a bit of fun and consistancy with the NPCs, I plan on naming each and every one of them (with the exception of the BUF commander) from the written works of Charles Dickens. Wikipedia has a rather nice list of Dickensian character names and I rather like that very English feel the names will bring.