Friday, May 18, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Volunteer William York

Volunteer William York
(English, Protestant, Noble, Volunteer)
13th Light Dragoons

Experiences: 3 (2 background/1 military)

Guts 4
Discipline 4
Influence 3
Charm 2

Skills: Awareness +2, Courtesy +1, Diplomacy +1, First Aid +1, Intrigue +1, Quartermaster +1, Riding +5, Romance +1, Scavenge +1, Skulduggery +1, Soldiering +3

Wealth: 6, Eton Tie (+1 Eton Alumni)

Reputations: Personality (Lt. Otherson, 13th Light Dragoons), Institutional (Eton College Alumni) +1, Institutional (Officers' Mess) +2, Institutional (Rank & File) +2, Institutional (13th Light Dragoons) +1

Traits: Literate, Second Language (French), Lancer, At Home in the Mess, Known around Camp, Blameless, Is But a Scratch, Sir!

Personal Mission: Promotion!
Number of Challenges: 4 - two completed successfully
Deadline: [ 4 ]
Reward: Commission as a Cornet (cavalry for Ensign)
Failure: Officers' Mess reputation is maimed
Mission Challenges:
1. Make favorable impression on commanding officer [Y]
2. Impress regimental agent [Y]

William York is a rich nobleman who didn't have a commission in the 13th Light Dragoons so he volunteered, planning on earning/buying a commission in the field. So far, he's been working towards that goal. He's fairly popular with both the Officers' Mess and the Rank & File.

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