Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Session 2: The Bridge

Session 2: February 17, 2012
April 1809, Portugal

(The session started with the Players outlining the personal missions of their PCs.)

Lt. Richard "Rick" Hardrick of the 13th Light Dragoons is ordered to cross into Spain and hold a bridge. Accompanying the 13th Light Dragoons is a company of the 30th Northumberland Regiment of Foot, under command of Lt. Seinheit. Hardrick is given overall command of the joint force.

Hardrick seeks to find the French Spy Durand before he escapes with Wellington's battle plans. Greenleaf heard about some fine liquer hidden by the French during their retreat. He wants to find it. Sgt Finkauf sees Lt. Seinheit and takes that as an opportunity to restore his family name with the nobility of Hanover. Young John Crossley seeks fame and glory in battle, vowing to himself to take the French Eagle. Nobleman York, only a volunteer, wants to gain a commission and Corporal Limekiller sees an opportunity to embarrass the French by stealing their best cavalry horse. And Private Wyle, well, he's interested in just screwing off.

The 13th Light Dragoons, with the 30th Northumberland, head for the bridge. Accompanying the party is Lady McFaine, a frienemy of Lt. Hardrick, and her a bunch of her hangers-on, including some Spanish noblemen.

While the company assembled, Sgt. Finkauf managed to embarrass Lt. Seinheit, with the help of Lt. Hardrick, by showing off how well the 13th Light Dragoons act more like soldiers than the 30th Northumberland.

Lady McFaine and her entourage cause some problems for Hardrick but the company makes it to the bridge with little problem. On the French side is a camp of Spanish refugees, damned close to the bridge.

Hardrick, along with a few of the boys, go over to talk to them. Their spokesman, a grizzled nobleman named Don Miguel, eyes the British Officer with suspicion and his men with contempt. Hardrick tries to convince the nobleman to get his folk to move on the British side of the bridge, for his protection. Don Miguel refuses, at least until the next day.

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