Monday, May 7, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Private Calvin Greenleaf

Calvin Greenleaf
Player: P
(American, Protestant, Criminal, Dragoon)
13th Light Dragoons

Experiences: 8 (3 background/5 military)

Guts 4
Discipline 4
Influence 4
Charm 4

Skills: Awareness +4, Command +1, Courtesy +1, First Aid +2, Haggle +1, Intimidate +3, Intrigue +2, Riding +5, Scavenge +2, Siege +1, Skulduggery +6, Soldiering +4

Wealth: 0, Brass Knuckles (+2 Intimidate), Shiv (+1 Skulduggery), Riding Crop (+1 Riding), First Aid Kit (+1 First Aid)

Reputations: Personality (Anthony Arkwright, fence) +1, Personality (Thomas McKean, forger) +1, Institutional (Comte. of Secret Correspondence) +1, Institutional (Rank & File) +2, Institutional (13th Light Dragoons) +2

Traits: Illiterate, Second Language (French), Destined for Greatness, Scoundrel, Cutpurse, Handy in a Scrap, Strong Swordarm x3, Under the Lash.

Personal Mission: Find the 1697 Cognac that the French hid nearby
Number of Challenges: 4 - FAILED
Deadline: [reduced from 4 to 3]
Reward: +1 Officers' Mess reputation, +1 Wealth
Failure: Rank & File reputation is maimed
Mission Challenges:
1. Schmooze for info [Y]
2. Find clue under bridge (unfortunately it is in Spanish!) [Y]
3. Mauled by Beast [N - lost one deadline]
4. Decode clue message (recipe revealed location) [Y]
5. Liberate from Lady McFaine's quarters (underneath) [N - fire broke out and destroyed the liquor!]

P made a criminal but very skilled with the sword and chose the standard "Find the Booze" personal mission. This was a one-step forward, two-steps back from the get-go. Finding the clue under the bridge was excellent luck - except it was in Spanish, a language he doesn't speak. Unfortunately, the booze ended up under Lady McFaine's camp quarters (the ruins of a previous building was made comfortable to accommodate her). During a swordfight between Calvin and the French Spy Durand, the place caught fire and Lady McFaine's quarters burst into flame, fueled by the 1697 cognac! Oh, the humanity!

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