Sunday, May 6, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Corporal Ambrose Limekiller

Corporal Ambrose Limekiller
Player: D
(English, Protestant, Vicar, Groom)
13th Light Dragoons

Experiences: 3 (2 background/1 military)

Guts 3
Discipline 4
Influence 3
Charm 2

Skills: Awareness +1, Command +1, Diplomacy +1, First Aid +5, Intrigue +1, Music +1, Quartermaster +2, Riding +5, Scavange +2, Soldiering +2

Wealth: 1, Fine Saddle (+2 Riding)

Reputations: Personality (Messrs Bex & Rhys, horsetraders) +1, Institutional (Royal Veteriniarian College) +2, Institutional (Rank & File) +1, Institutional (13th Light Dragoons) +3

Traits: Literate, Veterinarian, Second Language (French), Good Horsemanship, Natural Rider, Fair of Face, Chosen Man.

Personal Mission: Steal the French Lieutenant's prize horse, keep it for a few weeks and return it painted with the Union Jack.
Number of Challenges: 4 - two completed successfully
Deadline: [ 4 ]
Reward: +2 Personal Reputation with French Officer
Failure: Rank & File reputation is maimed
Mission Challenges:
1. Identify the horse to steal [Y]
2. Offer Messrs Bex & Rhys stud service [N] - Bex will steal the horse from Ambrose
3. Slay the Beast for scent to recover horse from Bex [Y]
4. Steal the Horse [N] - the first attempt!

D jumped straight into Limekiller's personal mission to make the French look foolish. I threw a wrench in his plans by having Messr Bex offer to buy the horse (I received a "But that would go against my mission" comment from D, to which I replied with a smile "I know" and he said "Bastard!") - he countered with just stud services but I said if he failed the challenge, Bex would steal the horse from him. He failed and when he delivers the horse for stud service, he'll have to steal it back from his side to fulfill his mission.

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