Saturday, May 19, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Session 1: All the Pretty Horses

Session 1: February 3, 2012
April 1809, Portugal

The 13th Light Dragoon is part of Wellington's forces in Portugal, set to take the fight to Boney and his French Grognards.

Lt. Richard "Rick" Hardrick commands the 1st Patrol, E Company, 1st Battalion under Colonel Lord Wintergreen. Sgt Hanz Finkauf keeps the men in line, specifically Corporal Ambrose Limekiller, Privates Reese Wyle, Calvin Greenleaf, John Crossley and Volunteer William York.

Private Pennymore comes to Lt. Hardrick with a message from Col. Lord Wintergreen, saying "Sir, the Colonel needs you for orders, sir!"

Hardrick turns to the men and tells them that orders are forthcoming, so they need the horses ready to go. Hardrick reports to the old man and is ordered to cross into Spain and seize and control a vital bridge from the French.

Meanwhile, the men go to the pickets to get the horses. When they get there, Greenleaf and Wyle notice that several of their horses are missing and poor quality horses are in their place. A quick visual found the missing horses in the pickets of F Company.

Sgt Finkauf tried to bluster his way into F Company to get the horses back and while he was doing that, Greenleaf and Wyle pulled a fast one and got the lot back, under the noses of the F Company bastards that had stolen them.

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