Monday, May 21, 2012

[Duty & Honour] The 13th Light Dragoons

Dragoons, doing their best work
13th Light Dragoons (Historical)
Commander in Chief: The Queen
Barracks: Penzance, Cornwall

Player Battalion: 1st
Player Company: E Co.

Commanding Officer:

    Col. Lord Wintergreen (Very Brave [+], Ill-Fitting Wooden Teeth [-])

Officers of Note:

    Major Percival Shanks (Well Organized [+], Perpetually Lost [-])
    Captain Richard Teniel (Excellent Singing Voice [+], Thrashes the Troops [-])
    Lieutenant Vandermoore Otherson (Skilled Gambler [+], Horrible Cheat [-])

Rank & File of Note:

    Colour Sergeant Hisad, Regimental Sergeant Major (Mean SOB)
    Corporal Worthington (Brown-noser)
    Private Habib, Foreign Non-English Speaker
    Private Pennymore (perpetually broke Private)


    Members wear fezes with a hawk feather.
    The Regiment has a feast at deployment (traditionally March 1st).

Battle Honours and Failures:

    Honour: Second Battle of Hattien (Fictional)
    Failure: Battle of Lexington and Concord (19 April 1775), during the American Revolution

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