Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Duty & Honour] Private John Crossley

Private John Crossley
Player: J
(English, Protestant, Farmer, Dragoon)
13th Light Dragoons

Experiences: 2 (1 background/1 military)

Guts 3
Discipline 3
Influence 1
Charm 5

Skills: Awareness +3, First Aid +3, Haggle +2, Riding +4, Scavenge +1, Siege +1, Skulduggery +1, Soldiering +5

Wealth: 0

Reputations: Personality (Major Shanks, 13th Light Dragoons) +1, Personality (Col. Lord Wintergreen, 13th Light Dragoons) +3, Institutional (Rank & File) +1, Institutional (13th Light Dragoons) +1, Institutional (Quartermaster Corps) +1

Traits: Illiterate, Second Language (French), Strong as an Ox, Chosen Man, Officer Patron (Col. Lord Wintergreen), Fearless.

Personal Mission: Capture the French Eagle!
Number of Challenges: 4 - three completed successfully
Deadline: [ 4 ]
Reward: +1 Influence, +1 to 13th Light Dragoons reputation
Failure: 13th Light Dragoons reputation is maimed
Mission Challenges:
1. Spot the enemy before an ambush! [N]
2. Develop Esprit de Corps [N]
3. Capture the Eagle [Y] - held onto it for a few moments before it was taken back
4. Capture the Eagle [Y] - held onto it for a few moments before it was taken back (counts twice)
5. Set-up 13th Light Dragoons defenses [Y]

John Crossley is a young dragoon with few experiences. His personal mission is to capture the French Eagle during the defense of the bridge. He succeeded in laying hands on them briefly but in the press of battle, he lost hold of them and the French recovered them.

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