Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[The Hire] Season 2, Episode 3: Beat the Devil

The final episode of The Hire guest stars Gary Oldman and James Brown and was directed by Tony Scott. This episode has subtitles, but not so the audience can understand The Driver, but so they can understand what the Godfather of Soul and the Devil say. A flashback to 1954 shows a young boy getting into a car and stepping out with a verve and dance moves and a contract.

Modern day, The Driver brings the Godfather of Soul to see the Devil to renegotiate the contract. They make a wager, drag race at dawn, through Las Vegas, with The Driver's soul on the dock. The two cars are neck and neck, with the Devil keeping up or getting ahead. Flying through the Nevada desert, first a semi and then a train thwart the Devil's plan. 

The episode ends with the Godfather of Soul with a new contract, The Driver ordering him out of the car, and a frightening neighbor of the Devil comes to complain about the noise.

Microlite20 Modern:

How do I stat the Devil or his demonic driver?

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