Friday, December 14, 2012

[S&W White Box] Killin' Dragons: Level 4 - Uwibami the Swift

Uwibami the Swift (immature Blue Dragon)
Desolation: Ironvale
Lair: northern cliff wall in the Waterfall Caves*

Uwibami the Swift is a blue dragon who's desolation is over the whole of the Ironvale. He has successfully kept other predators, both non-dragon and dragon, away from his lands. His lair is in the Waterfall Caves and more than one band of would-be dragonslayers have met their end there - usually by being electrocuted by Uwibami's breath weapon striking the water they were standing in. A clutch of spiders lives in the woods right outside Uwibami's lair and he spends many hours watching them and feeding them captured enemies.

History of the name: Uwibami is a dragon from Japanese folklore. He had a habit of attacking horsemen, grabbing the riders from their mounts and eating them.

Uwibami the Swift, immature Blue Dragon, Age: ~400, Desolation: Ironvale, Lair: Waterfall Caves, Armor Class: 2 [17], Hit Dice: 9, Hit Points: 27, Attacks: claw/claw/bite (1d6/1d6/1d6), Special: Spits lightning (27 damage, line 100ft by 5ft, save for half damage), Move: 12 (24 when flying), Spells (4/2): Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Law, Sleep, Web, Invisibility.

5 Giant Spiders, Armor Class: 6 [13], Hit Dice: 2+2, Hit Points: 12, 12, 12, 10, 9, Attacks: bite (1d6+poison), Special: surprise opponents (on 1–5), save to avoid becoming stuck in the web, +1 to save vs. poison, Move: 18.

* Thanks for yet another great map from Dyson.

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