Saturday, December 1, 2012

[The Hire] Season 2, Episode 1: Hostage

Season two episode 1 of The Hire was directed by John Woo. The scene begins in California, with a man loading a gun with a single bullet and talking about a "grand gesture." The Driver arrives outside a house and makes a call. The man inside invites him in, demands that The Driver show him the money and confirm the right amount by writing it on his hand.

The gunman makes a call with to the hostage and then instructs The Driver to burn the money on a nearby charcoal grill. When the FBI action team bursts through the door, the gunman plays Russian Roulette, empty on the first chamber, then says "Better hurry. Time and tide wait for no man!" The second chamber is not empty.

Rushing to the cell phone that dialed the hostage, he realizes that the number he wrote down is the phone number. Calling the number, The Driver is told by the hostage that she's in a car's trunk, sinking into water at high tide. He races to San Pedro and is soon pursued by police thinking him a crazed driver. He races through the freeway, coming to a stop on the edge of a draw bridge as the car slips beneath the water.

Spotting a antenna ball slightly above the surface of the water, the hostage is saved and later, at the hospital, she confronts her kidnapper in the ICU.

Microlite20 Modern:

The Kidnapper
(Madman) HP 10 AC 11
Melee: +1, Missile: +1
Physical +1, Subterfuge +1, Knowledge +4, Communication +2

Equipment: Rumpled business suit, Colt Python (2d6, ROF S, shots: 6 cyl)

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