Friday, December 28, 2012

[S&W White Box] Killin' Dragons: Level 10 - Zu

Zu (ancient Red Dragon)
Desolation: Mordale
Lair: Hursef's Cavern*

Zu is mere legend to many, he's so old. And rarely, if ever, does he leave is lair. Old and fat, they say, with a treasure even the gods envy. But not so old, and not so fat, as one would believe.

When he was last spotted in the night sky, the Temple of Heresy was being built, nearly 2000 years ago. Oh, yes, he's not moved much in the last few millenia, but he's not a push-over. Still sharp as ever, still able to rend and claw.

He sleeps a lot, yes, he does, but becomes instantly awake when someone steps within his lair. But to get to Hursef's Cavern is a trial in itself. The thousand miles of tunnels beneath Mordale are thick with trolls, chimera, and hell hounds, while the surface of Mordale is inhabited by giants of all kinds. Through them first and then great treasure, but only after defeating Zu. Have fun storming the dragon lair, suckers!

History of the name: Zu is a dragon from Sumerian mythology who stole the Tablets of Destiny and hid them on a mountain. Whoever possesses the tablets rules the universe, so Marduk slays Zu to recover them.

Zu, ancient Red Dragon, Age: ~4500, Desolation: Mordale, Lair: Hursef's Cavern, Armor Class: 2 [17], Hit Dice: 10, Hit Points: 80, Attacks: claw/claw/bite (1d6/1d6/1d6), Special: Breathes fire (80 damage, cone 90ft by 30ft), Move: 12 (24 when flying), Spells (4/3/3/2): Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Protection from Law, Sleep, Detect Thoughts, Levitate, Phantasmal Force, Alter Time, Fireball, Protection from Normal Missiles, Hallucinatory Terrain, Massmorph.

Giants dwell within Mordale while trolls, chimera, and hellhounds wander the myriad of tunnels beneath.

* My final theft of an excellent map by Dyson.


  1. Great Series! Sleepy Zu forgot to memorize his spells? ;)


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