Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Old Campaign] One Shot from 2003

Back in 2003, I ran a one-shot of Tunnels and Trolls for a Seattle Group set in The Ring Vaults and then I wrote up the actual play notes. Here it is below:

Game System: Tunnels & Trolls

Game Master: Me!
Players: Alan, Laura, Eric, and James
Characters: Randolf the Troll Wizard (Alan), Daisy the Hobbit Rogue (Laura), Spike, the flying Faerie Wizard (Eric), and Sstuart the Sserp Warrior (Sserps are giant sentient snakes) (James)
Date: June 9, 2003

All told, it went pretty well. I brought along visual aids (dungeon tiles) that helped quite well, IMHO (and fulfilled a need of mine to actually USE them).

After a quick character creation and equipage, I ran them through some of the basics for T&T: saving rolls, combat rules, missile rules.

The Adventure of the Evening started with a friend of theirs ("Give me a name" "George" "Give me a race" "Elf"), George the Elf, lost in a dungeon called the Ring Vaults. George owed the PCs money, but was still looked upon favorably by most of them. When his wife came to the PCs and explained he had disappeared in the Ring Vaults, they decided to go look for him.

The Ring Vaults are old goblin vaults. What Randolf the Troll Wizard remembered was: All the vaults are connected with each other by mining tracks, there are over 100,000 vaults, vaults range in size of very small (5" x 5") to very large, there are three kinds of vault doors (normal doors with locks, magic goblin locks which will suck you into the vault if you touch the door, and secret door vaults), and the Vaults are over 10,000 years old.

Over the course of the adventure, they discovered A Magic Skull of Unknown Power (TM); interrupted a goblin meeting (Goblin Local #5) not once, not twice, but three times; avoided rolling their cart off a very steep track; looted the dead who had plunged off the steep track (finding a magical bronze gladius and magic faerie dust in the swag); fought a giant spider (where the Hobbit knocked the Sserp unconscious with her blowgun dart); climbed up a cavern wall into a different part of the Vaults; crossed a room of multiple rope bridges with what sounded like lava far below; got sucked through a magic goblin door as a group, sacrificed the magic skull to a magic fire, and FINALLY found George in a room with an acid pit and 10 guardian skeletons. After a brief battle with the skeletons (they were tough, but the party prevailed), and reviving George from magic induced sleep, the PCs then proceeded to loot the room, finding more magic and gold.

All told, the adventure went well. Over the course of the game, George became more alive as the players talked about him, his quirks, how bad he was at cards, the boots Randolf chewed on, how his wife was nice. It was a good interaction, especially since he didn't show up until the end.

Thanks to everyone for their time, even with/despite the very primative combat rules!

Player Thoughts
Alan: The game was a blast, Matt. I'm glad to finally get a chance to play T&T. I love James' drawing of Ssstewart with a miner's lamp-hat, segmented bronze armor and a giant handy-man's hammer wrapped in his tail. I had fun interupting the goblin meeting. I thought the game in general lent itself to humor. Makes me want to whip up a dungeon and find some suckers! Much fun!

Laura: Yeah, James' picture was great. I also had a lot of fun. My characters full name was Daisy Butterchurn. I think she would fit in with the thread on usually characters acting "evil." My idea is that she looked like an innocent little hobbit, but would really steal your gold teeth while you were still using them. We also had the punk Fairy Spike. Eric kept saying he must be the least charismatic fairy ever.

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