Monday, December 3, 2012

[The Hire] Season 2, Episode 2: Ticker

Episode two of the Second Season of The Hire begins with The Driver avoiding gunfire spraying at him from an overhead helicopter. A man, played by Don Cheadle, sits in the passenger seat and holds a mysterious case. A series of flashback scenes show that someone wants the case at any cost. As The Driver demands an explanation about the contents of the case, the Passenger notices blood, not his, coming from the case

When the helicopter comes back, the Passenger begs The Driver to drive! A countdown on the case, which has now been breached by a single bullet, shows the necessity of moving quickly. The Driver uses dust to bring down the chopper then demands to know the contents of the case. 

The Driver races to a city and arrives at a checkpoint at an airport. U.S. security, played by Ray Liotta and Dennis Heysbert, escort The Driver to the drop-off location. In a flashback, The Passenger explains that the country is in peril and the contents of the case will save a great man who will maintain the peace. He then handcuffs the case to The Driver. 

Microlite20 Modern:

The Driver
STR 14 (+2), DEX 19 (+4), MIND 14 (+2)
Cunning Hero, Level 8, HP 50, AC 14, Action Points 56
Criminal background
Melee: +10, Missile: +11
Physical +9*, Subterfuge +12*, Knowledge +9*, Communication +9*
* includes human bonus (+1 to all skill rolls)

Equipment: comfortable yet stylish clothes, BMW

Helicopter gunmen
(Terrorist) HP 12 AC 14
Melee: +3, Missile: +3
Physical +4, Subterfuge +4, Knowledge +3, Communication +2

Equipment: Fatigues, M60 (2d10, ROF A, shots: 100 linked)


  1. Wow! I really enjoyed that film. I love happy endings!

  2. Happy endings that end in a cool car and driver taking down an armed helicopter!


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