Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[Cats] Training My Cats to Kill Fairies

Yes, that's right.

I've been training my cats to kill fairies. You know, the Rackham kind, with the floaty wings, tiny, tiny fairies. Annoying buggers, all.

The gf and I have three kittens, nearly nine months old, all brothers: Colonel Yukon "Bumble" Cornelius, Royal Fusiliers - Retired, Charles Wellington Aloysius Midnight and Gentleman Jackson Kinai Elliot (Bumble, Charley and Jack for short).

And I found a butterfly cat toy with the wings by Go Cat.

Training is going pretty well.

I feel sorry for any fairie that gets into the house.


  1. I applaud your efforts to keep the world free of the Fae. Your cats will no doubt keep innocent humans from being drug through the Hedge to serve as slaves in Arcadia.

    Yeah, I've been reading Changeling: the Lost. ;)

  2. Hey Christian,

    Thanks. But I was thinking Changeling: The Dreaming! (I don't have Changeling: the Lost yet).


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