Sunday, January 24, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Friday

In addition to Serenity on Saturday, I ran a LL/D&D game on Friday night for some friends.

I set the game in my Ashford Valley setting and the three PCs, a cleric, a fighter and a magic-user (played by XO, KW and BW, respectively), searched for some missing merchants along the High Bridge Road, believing that the merchants were captured by bandits.

That's not how it turned out.

After an encounter with an odd witch named Edith (the fighter suspected she was a harpy) as well as accompanying a melon farmer with two oxen named Blue (with brown eyes) and Brown (with blue eyes), they encountered the reason the merchants went missing - Morlocks!

After a little fight, the PCs were victorious and saved two of the three missing merchants.

A good little game.


  1. I love me some morlocks. I'm glad the merchants were rescued and were not devoured.

  2. Unfortunately, one merchant, the one that did deals with Edith the Witch, ended up dead and eaten by the Morlocks.

    I chose Morlocks as a different take on the enemy, not part of the goblinoid races, and a step away from the baddies I've outlined in my Ashford Valley setting articles in my Switching to Guns 'zine.


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