Thursday, January 28, 2010

[My Collection] No Reviews

I've got a lot of games in my collection, plenty out of print and plenty new. I buy a lot of RPGs, usually as a result of reading a review or two online about the game. And I was thinking that I'd do some reviews myself, except for the simple fact that reviews actually take time to write out and even though I'm not in grad school anymore (for the present at least, the PhD may call in the future and I may pick up the phone), I'm still a pretty busy guy.

Also, there are better reviewers than I am who have already posted about some game or another. So if I mention a game I just picked up or already have in my collection, I'll try to link a review to it. Maybe that'll interest you in searching it out, too.


  1. Cool. I like reviews, too, but they are hard to write. For me, the best kind of "reviews" are reading about what people do with the games in play.

  2. I hope to do more in-play "reviews" rather than actual "review-reviews".

    Besides, if I started with all the games I own, I'd never get done!


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