Saturday, January 30, 2010

[Duty & Honour] Friday's Session

Last night, in a break from our usual Savage Worlds gaming, I ran a game of Duty & Honour for the Corvis Monkey Troupe. Present were XO, CM, DM, and MW.

The group was pretty engaged in the game. Most of us were familiar with the Sharpe TV series and this galvanized a bunch of us to watch them all again.

The character generation process was pretty good, each of the PCs generated was very robust. I made sure that the youngest member of the Troupe was the lieutenant and CM (at almost 18) did an excellent job - at the end of the night, his comment of "I've never had so much fun playing a complete tool" was the best.

His father, DM, played the Sergeant and MW and XO were the privates. The Sergeant had the most experiences, with 1 before the military and 7 after enlistment. The two privates each had 3 experiences prior to military service and 1-2 after, while the green lieutenant only had 3 experiences prior and 1 after. This made for quite the varied game.

After character generation (the PCs will be posted later), the group was ordered to deliver 200 muskets to Spanish Guerrillas in the village of San Sebastian. The easy route for their travels would have taken them 5 days over the plains but the Lieutenant lead the men in the direct route, through the hills.

Along the way, they fought some French Hussars and managed to get intelligence (in the form of French orders). The game night ended with the troops bedding down in a burned-out village.

A very fun time was had by all. The incompentant Lieutenant caused problems for the men and the antics of the privates in reaction was priceless, with Sergeant Owens keeping the peace/enforcing the rules between them.


  1. I like it. For some reason, the PCs bedding down in the burned out village reminds me of the scenario you wrote in which a Cthuloid house begins eating soldiers one by one.

  2. I ran that one (check out my 1001+1 'zine for more info) with this group and they all managed to avoid complete madness or death.


  3. Hi Matt - I'm thrilled that you are enjoying Duty & Honour and joining in that time honoured tradition of sticking it to the French! If you need to know anything about the game or want to share ideas with some other players, drop on by the Omnihedron forums and I'm sure they will give you a warm welcome.

    Neil Gow, Omnihedron Games

  4. Thanks Neil,

    I've really enjoyed Duty & Honour and Beat to Quarters. Your books are well-written and a welcome change. You can credit the excellent reviews for my purchase. I'm glad I got the hard copies and plan on getting the pdfs as well.




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