Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Cantrips

I like the thought of everyday people using everyday magic in a fantasy setting. A little spell to stir the pot or another to clean the fish.

And cantrips are a lot of fun, too, for the players that don't have magic-using characters to mess around with.

So I plan on have cantrips be a universal skill for every NPC and PC (and some of the monsters, too) in my Labyrinth Lord games. It's pretty easy to go online and find a bunch of them, even converting them from the various editions of D&D is easy.

Here are the rough rules of cantrips:
  • Cantrips can be cast as many times during the day as you want. But any cantrip that does damage or healing is limited in effectivity (full potency on the first casting, then halves, then halves again, until it doesn't work anymore, at least until the next day).
  • The number of Cantrips your PC starts play with is equal to half your PCs intelligence, except for magic-users, clerics and elves who get Cantrips equal to their intelligence value.
  • There are no clerical or magicial Cantrips, there are only Cantrips and everyone can learn up to their intelligence value in Cantrips, while magic-users, clerics and elves can learn double their intelligence value in Cantrips.
  • Cantrips can be created by magic-users, clerics and elves at 1st level or by any other characters who are at least 5th level.
  • Monsters can have Cantrips.
That's all I've got so far. More to come.


  1. I very much like these guidelines. :D

  2. Several years ago, I ran a short 3.5 game allowing everyone to use Cantrips. Before the game started, I scoured the internet to find all the Cantrips I could and combined them into a nice, complete file.

    Unfortunately, I didn't combine the info of where I got them from, so I'm reluctant to post the list of Cantrips because I didn't write them and I'd feel better giving proper attribution.

    But that doesn't stop you from doing the same thing I did and building your own list of Cantrips.

  3. I've rather a few of my own devising from a prior game system.
    --I'll see about cut/pasting them into a .pdf and posting it on my blog, and dropping a note your way when they are up.


  4. I'd be interested in that. And I'll do the same.



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