Monday, June 13, 2011

[Savage Worlds] Winter War Campaign, Session 5: The Running Kind

Session five continued with the party trapped in an underground maze, menaced by ghoul children.

Two cut scenes occurred: In one, a Necromancer congratulated Colin on ridding him of the PCs and gaining the title of King of the Iron Crown for Malarky's gang. In the second, a white arm came out of the darkness and drained one of the civilians in the PCs' lair, killing him.

After fighting several waves of ghoul children, they discovered that all of them came back to unlife after each fight. A convincing persuasion roll managed to get the ghouls to go back to their master and gave the PCs some time to figure out a plan of escape.

The maze turned them around so they tied themselves together and wandered the maze blind in order to avoid the magical confusion trap. They kept their hands on the walls to keep their sense of direction. They made some good progress but stumbled upon a room larger than the tunnels and were forced to open their eyes because of an attack by a swarm of rats!

Using fire and magic, they managed to kill off the rats without taking too much damage but the ghoul children returned, bringing with them their master, a Greater Ghoul.

After some chitchat and insults back and forth, the battle was engaged. The Greater Ghoul was deadly in combat, able to paralyze them with a touch and doing extreme amounts of damage. They killed him once but he came back a second time, which they then killed. Before he "reformed," Nostro cast a Locate spell to find the exit and they RAN.

Near the exit they found an ancient gold-inlaid holy stone that prevented the ghouls from leaving the maze and were blessed by the holiness in the stone.

The exit turned out to be a cave that had some military supplies from Grath stored in it and they quickly took the gear and retreated back to their boat.

Next time: Return to the Smugglers' Cave


  1. All I got for you is devil horns. \m/

    Well done as always!

  2. We only ran because we got tired of kicking his shins in!


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