Sunday, June 26, 2011

[1938] Locations: The Howe

The Howe is the main southern base of the Manx forces, comprised of the bulk of the Ramsey Company (Captain Arthur Gride, commanding) and the Liverpool Free Staters (Lt. Colonel Arthur Havisham, commanding).

The Howe is directly west of Port St. Mary, along the Howe Road, past the intersection of the Glen Chass Road. There are a half-dozen houses and shops, including The Howe Public House, along the Howe Road. Most of the outbuildings are occupied by soldiers and the Pub is the command HQ (but is open most days to the locals). Trenches surround the hamlet as a raid early in the fighting brought the idea home that a seige doesn't always work the way you'd think.

The Manx forces regularly patrol the Glen Chass Road, down to the Fistard Road, where another Manx company is dug in. After that first raid, not much is happening along this front but that doesn't mean that the troops are lax - the opposite in fact. Gride and Havisham work well together, maintaining distinct commands while drilling their troops to support each other. Gride is more cautious while Havisham is more daring. Between the two of them, the region they control is totally theirs.

The Howe is a good place for PCs to interact with fellow Manx forces, in a bucolic setting without bullets flying. Additionally, there is some espionage work here, as several of the resistance groups in Port St. Mary send info to the Howe.

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