Monday, June 6, 2011

[Resources] The Society of King Charles the Martyr

The Society of King Charles the Martyr is an Anglican group dedicated to "intercessory prayer for the defence of the Church of England against the attacks of her enemies."

The Society is dedicated to the only King of England to be executed, Charles I. Canonised by the Church of England after the English Reformation in 1660, he was considered the first martyr because he was unwilling to "abandon the Church and give up episcopacy" (High Anglicanism).

The modern Society has a variety of objectives, including getting the Feast of St. Charles (January 30th) reinstated, intercessory prayer, and support to dedicated churches.

The Society can be used in a modern-era game as a group working against the player characters, a patron in a post-Reformation campaign or part of a conspiracy in a Victorian-Era mystery.

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