Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Wretches on The Provenance: Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest XII

P is playing Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest XII in my Leveraged Serenity game: Wretches on The Provenance.
Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest XII
Archetype: The Director
Primary Role: Mastermind
Secondary Role: Grifter
Quote: "Honour demands it!"

Plot Points: 9

Grifter D8
Hacker (to be defined in play)
Hitter D6
Mastermind D10
Thief (to be defined in play)
Wheelman (to be defined in play)

Agility D6
Alertness D8
Intelligence D10
Strength D6
Vitality D8
Willpower D10

Life Points: 18
-2 penalty: 9

1. (to be defined in play)
2. (to be defined in play)

1. The fix is in
2. (to be defined in play)
3. (to be defined in play)

1. Absent-minded Professional
2. (to be defined in play)

Callahan Ceramic Special (Service Pistol) [Attack D6 (Agility) +D6 (Hitter), Damage D6W]
Heavy SMG [Attack D6 (Agility) + D6 (Hitter), Damage D8W]
Sabre [Attack D6 (Strength) + D6 (Hitter), Damage D6W]

Ballistic Mesh Armor (1W/8W, Torso)

Colonel Nathan Forrest served in the 1188th Lift Infantry Regiment on the Independent side during the war. The 1188th was responsible for covering a vital retreat in the closing days of the Battle of Serenity Valley. Since the war, he's wandered around the Verse, lately with the crew of The Provenance.

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