Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Wretches on The Provenance: Marcus Devereaux

S is playing Marcus Devereaux in my Leveraged Serenity game: Wretches on The Provenance.

Marcus Devereaux
Archetype: The Road Warrior
Primary Role: Wheelman
Secondary Role: Hitter
Quote: "Crazy Ivan is my co-pilot."

Plot Points: 6

Grifter D4
Hacker (to be defined in play)
Hitter D8
Mastermind (to be defined in play)
Thief (to be defined in play)
Wheelman D10

Agility D10
Alertness D8
Intelligence D6
Strength D10
Vitality D8
Willpower D6

Life Points: 14
-2 penalty: 7

1. Intimidatin' Manner (Hitter)
2. (to be defined in play)

1. Never leave a man behind
2. That much of a dick
3. Family scars

1. (to be defined in play)
2. (to be defined in play)

Heavy Pistol [Attack D10 (Agility) +D8 (Hitter), Damage D8W]
Shotgun [Attack D10 (Agility) + D8 (Hitter), Damage D10W]

Ballistic Mesh Armor (1W/8W, Torso)

Marcus Devereaux is a hot-shot pilot who smuggled stuff during the war, selling to both sides of the conflict with the provenance of the goods in question. He's on the crew because Shannon blew up his mule while escaping Persephone.

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