Sunday, August 26, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Wretches on The Provenance: Shannon Fielding

C is playing Shannon “Mandy” Fielding in my Leveraged Serenity game: Wretches on The Provenance.

Shannon "Mandy" Fielding
Archetype: The Gadgeteer
Primary Role: Hacker
Secondary Role: Thief
Quote: "What? Is that a problem?"

Plot Points: 1

Grifter D6
Hacker D10
Hitter (to be defined in play)
Mastermind D4
Thief D8
Wheelman (to be defined in play)

Agility D8
Alertness D10
Intelligence D10
Strength D6
Vitality D6
Willpower D8

Life Points: 14
-2 penalty: 7

1. Hardware Store MacGyver (Thief)
2. (to be defined in play)

1. No such thing as overkill
2. Fireworks celebrity
3. No fear

1. Look at the size of that distraction
2. PDQ Rembrant

Pistol [Attack D8 (Agility) +D__ (Hitter), Damage D6W]
Ballistic Mesh Armor (1W/8W, Torso)

Shannon is from Persephone and her brother is Lance. She's responsible for the shipyard exploding on their escape from Persephone and is currently working on the ship as mechanic. She has a penchant for fire and hates that her brother calls her Mandy.

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