Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Wretches on The Provenance: Herr Heufensteaffer

D is playing Herr Heufensteaffer aka “The Hoff”, in my Leveraged Serenity game: Wretches on The Provenance.

Herr Heufensteaffer aka “The Hoff”
Archetype: The Safecracker
Primary Role: Thief
Secondary Role: Hacker

Plot Points: 2

Grifter D4
Hacker D8
Hitter D6
Mastermind D6
Thief D10
Wheelman D4

Agility D10
Alertness D8
Intelligence D10
Strength D8
Vitality D6
Willpower D6

Life Points: 12
-2 penalty: 6

1. 48 hours lying on my belly in no-man's land (Thief)
2. Army Contacts (Hacker)

1. Ridiculously German
2. (to be defined in play)
3. (to be defined in play)

1. Safecracker
2. (to be defined in play)

Pistol [Attack D10 (Agility) +D6 (Hitter), Damage D6W]

"The Hoff" is an old business associate of Marcus Devereaux. At the beginning of the session, he's found at the Serenity Valley cemetery, standing in front of a grave that turns out to be his real grave.

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