Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Leveraged Serenity] Wretches on The Provenance, Session 2

Session 2: July 6, 2012

The second session continued with character generation (using the Leverage rules and mixing in the Serenity rules as necessary).
  • S played Marcus Devereaux, The Road Warrior (Wheelman/Hitter)
  • X played Lance Fielding, The Confidence Man (Grifter/Mastermind)
  • C played Shannon “Mandy” Fielding, The Gadgeteer (Hacker/Thief)
  • P played Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest XII, The Director (Mastermind/Grifter)
  • J played Thomas Harding, The Ninja (Hitter/Thief)
Planet: Paquin
System: Red Sun
Year: 2515

Marcus, Lance, Shannon and Nathan are accused of being complicit in trying to scotch a deal between the Tongs and the Yakuza that Big Stan is brokering to avoid an all-out gang war.

Pointing at the PCs, Big Stan accuses them of working with the Cornbread Mafia, another criminal organization on Paquin. He orders his thugs to put the PCs on ice until they can figure out what’s up.

Armed guards shove the PCs into a shipping container and they are stuck in the dark. Soon, they are joined by Thomas, still in his fighting togs. They are all unarmed except for Nathan, who managed to slip a Callahan Ceramic Special pistol through security.

After a while, the doors open again and the perky woman who sold them entrance tickets is shoved in with them. She’s crying and tells the PCs that Big Stan blames her, thinking that she’s part of their crew. Lance and Shannon think she’s a plant but everyone in the cell agrees that they have nothing to do with the Cornbread Mafia, like they’re being accused of and they just met that night.

Shannon realizes that one of the guards had the hots for her and convinces him to let her out so they can have *ahem* relations but when the guard opens the door, Nathan shoots him. While searching the badly wounded guard and taking his weapons, they notice that the ticket girl is missing and the alarms are going off.

They find themselves armed with an SMG (Thomas takes that, along with the guard’s jacket and pants), a pistol (Shannon takes that) and Nathan’s Callahan, against a whole crew of baddies. The yard they are in is stacked with a variety of shipping containers and a whole bunch of security lights are on, brighter than the sun.

The PCs spotted Big Stan being yelled at by the ticket girl (obviously, she was the big boss) over by the warehouse where the fight took place and saw Big Stan, his gun thugs and the Tongs and Yakuza men started spreading out into the yard to kill the PCs.

Shannon finds a power box and overloads it, leading to the security lights exploding and a fire starting (with helped and hindered the PCs - both C and I rolled 1s, so we both chose the fire as an asset D6 and a complication D6).

Shannon figured out a way through the yard but the group ran into a patrol of gun thugs. Lance convinced them that they needed to take the genetically-enhanced animals out of the yard before the fire killed them, while Nathan and Thomas set up a trap.

It turned out Nathan’s younger brother worked for another criminal organization off-planet who was contracted by the Cornbread Mafia to disrupt the Tong and Yakuza peace, so Nathan yelled in Chinese while Thomas shot at the Yakuza in the yard. Nathan also had a Cornbread Mafia plant with each of the Tong and Yakuza parties and ordered each to kill their enemies. Then they made their escape with the animals while the fire blazed up, hitting hidden booze, fuel, ammo and explosives (several players rolled 1s, increasing the fire complication to D12!)

Amidst the chaos, they slipped out of the warehouse yard, made it back to Lance’s ship and left atmo, a new combined crew, not sure of each other but with a cargo hold of genetically-engineered animals on route to Persephone.

Assets defined:
MMA Fighter (named Jonas Beiber, Samoan, has a big tell - missing left eye, Thomas, permanent for the job) raised to D8
Power box in the Yard D6
Flash Fire D6

Complications defined:
Heightened security raised to D12, reduced to D8
Flash Fire D6, raised to D12

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