Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Monsters] Zombie Horses

I've used these Zombie Horses in a few games and they are usually surprising to players, probably because most people expect zombie humans.

Zombie Horses

Agility d8 Spirit d6 Smarts d4 (A) Strength d12 Vigor d10
Pace 8 Parry 6 Toughness 9

Edges: Undead (+2 to recover from shaken, +2 to toughness), Fearless, Fleet-footed, Size +2

Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidate d6.

Hoof, Str + d6
Bite, Str + d4


  1. In my Winter War campaign, the Necromancer Lords would reanimate the corpses of beloved, fallen warhorses and send them into battle against the Knights of Iridia. The sight of a loyal mount shambling across the battlefield filled the Knights' hearts with grief that quickly turned to blind rage.

    "Because my cause is just, I fight with the strength of ten."
    Common saying among the knights

  2. I love throwing in non-humanoid skeletons and zombies in my games. It really throws my players for a loop when they first encounter them. And that's always good for the game.


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