Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[1938] BUF Soldiery

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Although the BUF failed taking Douglas on the Isle of Man, they've hunkered down in Port St Mary and mean to stay. That's contested by both the natives in the town (who've formed a resistance movement) as well as the combined forces of the Isle of Man, the Scottish Republic and the Liverpool Free State (who've encircled the town). So far, the seige is at a stalemate but shots are fired across the no-man's land on a semi-regular basis (both sides are conserving bullets).

Since the PCs in my Isle of Man campaign are going to need some mooks to take on, I've decided to write up a normal squad of BUF soldiers, all mooks.

BUF Soldier, 5-8 in a usual squad with 1 NCO and 1 Officer (Mook)
Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d8 Vigor d6
Parry 5 Toughness 5 Pace 6 Charisma -2

Edges: Alertness
Hindrances: Mean

Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6, Stealth d4, Driving d4, Notice d4+2.

Typical equipment:
  • SMLE Rifle, Range: 24/48/96, Damage: 2d8, RoF: 1, Wt: 9, Notes: AP 2.
  • Combat knife (per SWEX).
  • Helmet, Armor: +3, Wt: 5, Notes: 50% chance of protecting against head shot.
1 squad member is armed with an MG instead of a rifle:
  • Bren Gun, Range: 36/72/144, Damage: 2d8, RoF: 3, Wt: 22, Min. Str: d6, Notes: AP 2; Snapfire Penalty 
NCOs and Officers, in addition to rifles, also have:
  • Webley Mk4, Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6-1, RoF: 1, Wt: 4, Notes: AP 1; Revolver
Hand grenades are in short supply, so rarely are available for the common soldier, but several may have the following (1-2 chance on 1d6):
  • Home-made pipe bomb, Range: 3/6/12, Damage: 3d6-2, Notes: Small burst template.

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