Sunday, March 13, 2011

[1938] Locations: The Standing Stone

The Standing Stone is an ancient menhir locally called The Giant's Quoiting Stone. It is located just outside the village of Port St Mary, in a large field located between Beach Road on the south and the rail line to the north, northeast of Station Road and southwest of Castletown Road. The field is currently no-man's land, with BUF forces at the corner of Beach and Station Roads and Manx forces along Castletown Road.

According to legend, a Giant lived in the area in ancient times and came there to play Quoit (similar to ring toss) with the local Manx, beating them and using the win to gain in trade and news. The stone has mystical properties and only the pure of heart may touch it. It is also linked to the fair folk in local histories, especially during the Elizabethan era. The locals shun the stone except to leave gifts of food to the fairies, which they do with regularity.

Several BUF soldiers scoffed at the warnings and one ate an apple left as a gift. Later that night, he had excessive cramps, which the villagers took as a sign of fae displeasure and the BUF took as just a bit of rotten fruit (but amazingly, and by unspoken agreement, decided to leave the area alone).

The stone is left to itself by both BUF and Manx forces, with few trenches near it. Still, the locals keep up with the gifts. One or more of the intelligence groups in the village use the stone to pass along messages to each other as well as to the Manx army. 

In fact, it's a new moon tonight. A vital bit of intelligence has been left at the stone for pickup. No worries, there is a good 30 yards between the stone and the nearest BUF trench. You should be able to get the packet without a shot being fired. Chop, chop! You go over the wire in 3 hours!

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