Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Blogs] Clockwork Gypsies

File:Clock gear.svg
Over at the Coffee Swillin' Analog Gamer blog back in September, I spied a post about a new D20 creature called Clockwork Gypsies. Now that's a really cool idea for a fantasy game, especially good for my Ashford Valley setting.

So I'm going to make them in terms of Savage Worlds:

Clockwork Gypsie
Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d4 Strength d8 Vigor d10
Parry Toughness 7 Pace 4 Charisma -0-

Edges: Fearless, Unliving (+2 to recover from Shaken), Hard to Kill, Thief.

Hindrances: Habit (Oil, otherwise squeaks and -4 to Stealth), Mechanically Stiff (treat as Lame).

Skills: Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Streetwise d8, Stealth d8+2, Persuasion d8, Climb d8+2, Lockpick d8+2.

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