Saturday, March 19, 2011

[1938] Locations: The Short Walk and Trench 13

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As in the Great War, sometimes there are places where enemies are closer than friends, within throwing distance (or sometimes just beyond). And such is the case with a section of the siege around Port St. Mary.

Along one part of the line is a set of trenches that nearly butt upon each other, with the fascists on one side ("Trench 13") and the Manx forces on the other (the "Short Walk"). Each set of trenches has been taken several times since the siege began and each time has been recovered by their nominal owners in later fighting. In fact, the "Short Walk" is the most brutal and most active of the battle sites around the town.

Despite this brutality, or maybe because of it, the forces on both sides (3rd Platoon, A Company, BUF Legion, commanded by Lt. Taylor Trabb, and The Cronk Irregulars, commanded by Lt. Arthur Duff) are fairly friendly with each other, shouting encouragement and well-wishes when not fighting and patching up each other after the fighting is done. There was even an impromptu soccer game at one point early on (sure, it ended in gunfire, but that fellow was past the line and that goal bloody well didn't count).

Both companies have resisted attempts by their own commands to switch them out, insisting that a change would create more problems than they're worth, including not knowing who their fighting and a breakdown of the slightly bent "rules of war" that they're operating under. BUF command, however, is increasing concerned that the friendliness could be detrimental to security and are working to implement a change. This includes a back-up plan to give up the trenches for a better position closer to the village.

A few days ago, an event happened which changed everything. Lt. Trabb was wounded and evac'd back to Port St. Mary. His replacement was newly commissioned Lt. Chancery Gridley. The new officer is not only a martinet and annoying to boot, he's actually messing with how the two groups are fighting this war. They've got their way and he's not part of it.

The area is set to explode. And who walks in? Why the PCs, of course. Cue dramatic music!

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