Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[D20cember] X is for X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot: A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Labyrinth Lord adventure set in the Ashford Valley.

Get Ready:
Everyone loves a treasure map, especially a treasure map that looks to be the real deal.

Get Set:
The PCs come into possession of a treasure map, either from a bunch of loot in an earlier adventure or a fellow who's provided them with good intel before.

The map leads them to a small, abandoned shrine in the hills (Tradetown or Clifton are appropriate locations). The shrine is built into a hillside and overgrown with brambles so that it is completely concealed. It has a straight layout plan with an atrium (courtyard), followed by a narthex (vestibule), a central nave, and finally a bema (altar room).

The vestibule floor is weak across it's 8 foot span, which drops down 10 feet into the old catacombs. The central nave has loose bricks in the ceiling which will fall on anyone who makes even the least bit of noise walking across it (a Silence spell would prevent this from happening). A Green Slime is on the roof of the bema, right above the archway. It will drop on anyone in the doorway, to horrifying results.

The treasure is hidden in the altar, at the base on the left side. The GM should choose a treasure that is appropriate to the campaign. When the treasure is disturbed or if someone fall into the catacombs, the guardian spirit animates some of the skeletons in the graves and they attack.

Notable NPCs:
Vestibule Pit Trap: 10 feet deep (1d6 damage).

Bricks from Ceiling: Each character in a 10 foot radius must save vs. petrify or suffer 2d6 damage.

Green Slime (1); Alignment: Neutral; Armor Class: NA; Hit Dice: 2d8; Hit Points: 12; Attacks: special; Save: F1; morale: 12; Special abilities: touch digests clothing and armor in 6 rounds, turns flesh into more green slime in 1d4 rounds.

Skeletons (3); Alignment: Chaotic; Armor Class: 7; Hit Dice: 1d8, Hit Points: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3; Attacks: short sword (1d6) or club (1d6); Save: F1; Morale: 12.

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