Thursday, November 30, 2017

Actual Play: Blue Rose AGE Character Profile Ajax, the Rhy-Fox

Ajax the Rhy-Fox, small in stature, large in hunger, traveler of the width and breadth of Aldis, ready for adventure or a tale, bawdy or otherwise. Fond of cheesy biscuits, especially if they belong to someone else.


Level 1


Attributes (Focuses) -- primary attributes are in bold
3Communication (Deception)
4Perception (Psychic, Searching)

Goals & Persona
CallingThe Exarch (Trickery or Uncovering the Same)
Destiny ("Virtue")Resourceful (King of Pentacles) 
Fate ("Vice")Sneaky (King of Pentacles)

Other Talents/Powers

  • Nightvision (Racial) Can see without a light source for 20 meters/yards
  • Weapon Training (Racial) Natural Weapons Group (bite 1d6+1)
  • Talent (Psychic) (Racial) (Novice); Arcanum: Psychic Contact, Psychic Shield, Second Sight
  • Pinpoint Attack (Class) Expert Power: Once per round, you can add 1d6 damage to a successful attack if your Dexterity is greater than that of the target of the attack.
  • Expert's Armor (Class) xpert Power: You are at home in Light Armor and considered trained in its use without the need of the Armor Training talent.
  • Talent (Intrigue) (Class) (Novice); You are a master of secrets. You know how to play the Game. Choose one of the following Communication focuses: Deception, Etiquette, or Romance. If you fail a Communication test with your chosen focus, you can reroll it, but you must keep the result of the second roll.

Duty to the Aldis Sovereign (2)
Honor bound to my Rhy-fox grandfather, by ties of family, tradition and love (1)

EquipmentLight Armor (Armor 3)
Top Hat

TreasureRecovery Elixer (two draughts, one used by Ajax for 12 points recovery, 2d6+4 recovery in rest, 1d6+2 in combat)

Rubbing/drawing of the crest of the Manor from the bed of the master bedroom.

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