Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Actual Play: Heroes of the Ashford Valley Character Profile Orin Copperhead

An Irritable Dwarf
Orin Copperhead, Dwarf
Level 2
Alignment – Light
Strength – 18 ( +4 )
Dexterity – 12 ( +1 )
Mind – 10 ( 0 )
AC 17
Hit Points – 27
Power Points - n/a
Initiative – d20 +1
Melee attack bonus +6
Missile attack bonus +2
Magic attack bonus +2
Fortitude + 7
Reflex + 1
Will + 0
Hometown – TradeTown
Languages – Common, Dwarf
Reputation – +2 in the town of Ashford (temp)
Physical +4
Subterfuge +2
Knowledge +2
Communication +2
Enhance Vision
- N/A
Chainmail and Gauntlets
Shield, Lt. Wooden
Dwarven Battle Axe (1d10)
Crossbow, Lt. (1d8)
Dagger (1d4)
Bugbear Longsword (1d8+1)
Dungeoneering Equipment
A miner by trade and heritage, Orin worked out of Tradetown, but given his budding talent with an ax, he was often chosen to accompany shipments to and from Ashford.
Orin Copperhead is a volcano of a dwarf in that he grumbles a lot, has head like a rock, and when his face starts turning red, its time to run.
One notable exception to his gruff demeanor is at the tavern. Get a few drinks in him and a rowdy pub song will not be far behind, often accompanied by his bullhorn flute. This gift for music is a well known family trait. Whether it be a lively tune pouring out of a tavern, a somber dirge sung at a funeral, or a classic ditty sung around a campfire anywhere in the Ashford Valley, chances are it was originally penned by a Copperhead.
His uncle, Linder, works a mine located within the northernmost part of the Deep Forest. Orin was recently reunited with Linder after the mythical stag, Yarkand, lead him and his party to the old dwarven manor his uncle had been renovating.

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