Thursday, December 7, 2017

Actual Play: Blue Rose AGE "The Mask of Ebban" Part the Second

Played March 2017

It was a brilliant plan, Mother, brilliant. Worthy of my genius.

And I would have succeeded if it wasn't for my useless minions and those meddlers and their dog!

No, Mother, I know it was a Rhy-fox, not a dog, but I'm being insulting here.

I bet they're laughing it up in some tavern somewhere, maybe near the Veran Swamp or some other hell-hole.

But that fox has got my hoofprints in him so he won't forget that any time soon.

/rages, venting frustration/

But it was so cliche! Defeated by fools and pets! And betrayed by my own followers' incompetence!

/rages even more/

The Mask! I lost the Mask. It was central to my plans. 

/calmly, dispassionately/ 

It is of no import. It was only a mask.

It was going so well, Mother! The plan was proceeding apace.

When I found the manor, I knew! I knew it would be mine and I would rule over everything! I felt it, in my bones, Mother!

This ruin was just a first step. But I had to look the part, didn't I? Look the part of a lordling. Latest fashions!

Then I'd take over the Pavin Weald. Then Aldis and Kern! That lich has nothing on me.

But again, Mother, that was the long-term plan. It's slightly disrupted but I will rise again!

I had already started, gathering minions. Those Sprites that followed me were useful but I needed more. And Clickclack building clockwork minions was pure genius. My genius, Mother, not Clickclack's, let's just be straight about that.

When those two fools came out of the forest, it was a gods-send! And when one touched the Mask, he was easily dominated. The other was of no import although my minions were fools to let him escape. I knew there would be trouble about that but I was busy with more important aspects of my plans.

He was found, obviously, by those meddlers and their dog. Yes, Mother, it's a Rhy-fox, I know. I'm still being insulting.

I heard them banging around in my manor. MY MANOR! Like the thieves they are. I gathered what minions I could in the short time and waited. They'd come to me.

Took them long enough, I was positively bored waiting. Yes, Mother, patience is a virtue.

They busted down my door. MY DOOR! Then stared in at me and the fool wearing the Mask, looking like idiots watching a show.

At first I only saw the Night Person warrior and the Human archer. 

No, Mother, I didn't mention the fool wearing the mask's name. It was Artie or something, it doesn't matter. Why bother to learn minions names? Oh, so many people and you're confused? OK, we'll call him Artie, OK? 

What was the Rhy-fox's name? Now you want all their names? Why all these questions? OK, OK, we'll name all of them. The Rhy-fox is Foxy, the archer is Manny and the warrior is .... Sheila.

/exasperation building/

Yes, the warrior is a woman. 

/exasperation is starting to show/

No, Mother, those aren't their real names. We weren't formally introduced. They mentioned them to each other, perhaps, but I was busy trying to dominate them.

Can I continue my story now that we have everyone named?

/exasperated sigh/

My minions attacked with gusto as I began a stately dance. Sheila started to dance with me. Fool, easy to dominate! And with Night People's dark history, she should have joined me right then.

They thought they would hold the doorway but we overwhelmed them!

We forced them into the hall, where Foxy attacked Artie, and Manny and Sheila battled my sprites.

Oh, you should have seen them, Mother. My sprites were mopping the floor with them, causing them to lose ground. It was murder most delicious!

We would have won!

And then that fox! That damnable fox! He attacked the Mask! 

In rapid succession, he tried to remove the Mask from Artie! Not once, but twice. The struggle was worthy of unruly children, slapping each other with their weak hands while screaming and bawling.

He tried once and almost succeeded. After that failure, he tried again and succeeded in knocking the Mask off and onto the floor. Artie collapsed. I really have to get better dupes. No quality there.

That's when they rallied, Manny and Sheila. One by one, my minions were going down. 

So I grabbed the Mask, I was careful not to touch it lest I be the one dominated, and that's when that dog attacked me! Mother, keep up, I'm still being insulting.


Me! It attacked ME!

/calmly, with dispassionate tone/

Retaining the Mask was more important than this and I can always get more followers, fools being what they are, so I ran.

No, Mother, it wasn't cowardice, it was tactically reviewing the circumstance and achieving a new perspective that required me to be elsewhere.

So I hoofed it.

And that Foxy and Manny followed after. I knew that running would leave at least one of the meddlers behind, if only to protect that unconscious fool Artie.

One of my sprites delayed Manny and I made it out the door, with Foxy right on my heels.

I thought I'd get away, but that dog (keep up, Mother) tripped me and the Mask tumbled from my hand.

It was a delaying action, I know. I should have just grabbed the Mask and ran but it started to insult me! ME! Getting insults from a talking dog!

That was beyond the pale, I tell you. And you know my temper!

I kicked it and it felt good. It tried to bite me, tearing my clothes even more. Those bites hurt!

Then Manny the archer showed up with his stupid bow and stupid arrows and he shot me! That hurt the worst! Worse than all the bites!

Yes, here's the arrow. Perhaps I'll have it gilded. Perhaps I'll find Manny and shove it up his .... what was that, Mother?

Oh, yes. How did I get away?

I bedazzled him with magic and kicked the dog to death then ran.

Yes, Mother. I left the Mask behind. What do you mean you liked the characters of the Rhy-fox and Manny and Sheila? What do you mean they sounded nice? They're MY ENEMIES, MOTHER!

I ran and then creeped back. Sheila and Manny were around Foxy, I think it was alive. When I last saw them, they were limping back to that watchtower, with Artie being supported by Sheila and Manny had Foxy around his shoulders. I couldn't tell if that damn Rhy-fox was dead. If so I hope that Manny turns him into a scarf or a coat (if he doesn't, I will)!

Losing the Mask is of no import. I have other plans. You know most of them because you tried to stop me, Mother. At least until I shoved a dagger in your heart. I know, I know, not the nicest thing to do but my temper.

I still love you Mother. You know that. 

Those fools will rue the day they fought me. Sheila, Manny, even Foxy if he's still alive. Rue, I say!

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