Friday, December 22, 2017

Actual Play: Dresden Files Accelerated Hollywoodland Character Profile: Father Darren O'Connel

CHARACTER NAME: Father Darren O'Connel
Played by C

AGE 31


Darren is an Irish immigrant who commissioned as a Roman Catholic Chaplain when he was 26. Transferred to support upcoming operations with the 34th Infantry Division, and ultimately deployed with the 1st Ranger Battalion.

The ensuing massacre in Dieppe, France left thousands of Allies dead and wounded including one young Irish man with No. 4 Commando. In his dying breath this young man asked Chaplain O'Connel for his last rights and to promise safe keeping of chipped, rusting iron blade.

Moments after picking up the sword, sweeping heavy machine gun fire began claiming more of 1st Ranger Battalion and they were forced to retreat. Medically retired after machine gun fire took his left eye in the Dieppe Raid during extraction. While recovering and rehabilitating at West Los Angeles Area Station Hospital, he would have severe nightmares.

Eventually he started having nightmares while he was awake, the flashback of the massacre and things that never happened. Even when he closes his eye he can see evil walking around in human skin, men feeding on the very souls of those they touch.

He sought guidance from priest nearby: what was it that he was seeing and if he was damned and this was his curse. That priest was shocked, but explained that what Darren saw was indeed real and this curse means he is the bearer of Durendal Explaining that the Almighty had told him that one day he would be tasked with training a broken man to bear a great burden.

To rid himself of this burden, he must follow His guidance to destroy the evil which haunts his vision and dreams. Unsure of how a rusty blade could be used to destroy much of anything, the doubt was known to the priest.The blade was blessed such that it will only cut when the intent is righteous so that evil may not bear its strength.

Of course, a man traditionally trained with a M1911 has very little experience with a sword so Darren made his way to Hollywood to learn apt swordsmanship from a Frenchman at Beaulieu, at the advice of the priest.


High Concept: A broken warrior priest seeking redemption
Trouble: Sleepless nights and waking nightmares are a strain on faith
Aspect: Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do, but these bastards must die
Aspect: Rangers lead the way
Aspect: These closed eyes see your true nature

Holy Knight

Mantle Conditions:
On a Mission from God (sticky)
Crisis of Faith

Sword of the Cross (Holy Sword): If On a Mission from God is checked, ignore differences of scale and the weapon attack is considered supernatural. Using the sword while not On a Mission from God, then Crisis of Faith condition is invoked.
Right Place, Right Time: Once per session, arrive at the right time to help someone in need.
(Additional) Divine Defender: Once per session, can take the damage in place of another.

Force +3
Haste, Intellect +2
Guile, Focus +1
Flair +0

Durendal (Holy Sword)

3 x 3s:

Miseur Beaulieu - Fencing instructor, mentor
Father DeMonte - Priest who works at a the church near the hospital

Donny Torrez - Street youth who tried to rob the church, but took some advice from Father DeMonte to change his way after seeing Darren with his holy blade on his back. Sweeps floors at the Bayeu Movie Theater during night showing.


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