Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Actual Play: FATE High Road to China Set-Up

Your father is somewhere in China. Maybe. Well, he's somewhere in the East. Yeah, over there, somewhere. Don't know from nothing where he is.

You lost touch a few years ago. Wait.... has it really been 10 years?

Your uncle is trying to have him declared dead so he can take over the company. He thinks you're a sap and you'll just scram. Thinks that giving you the High-hat will get you to back off.

You don't want that. It'll cut into your inheritance..... And your partying.

So you've got enough dough to hire a flyboy or two, the Real McCoys, and buy a couple of planes, rust buckets that give the ole Bronx Cheer.

Some friends, one a live wire, one a bearcat, want to come along, too. Thinking it'll be a hoot. Hopefully none of them are all wet.

Your uncle is a devious bastard. He'll do anything to stop you, even send some hard boiled hoods after you.

So get a wiggle on, right out of that gin-mill you've been hanging out in, and take to the road: The High Road to China.

From 2016 through 2017, I ran a five-episode one-shot of High Road to China using Fate Accelerated Edition, in a homebrew setting based upon the classic 1980s film, on Roll20 with three players and wrote up the session notes. Enjoy!

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