Name: Primula AKA Prim
High Aspect: Slave trying to buy her own freedom
Trouble: Queasy Stomach
Ideal: Out of sight out of mind
Petitio Videtur: When I'm Rich I'll Be A Better Person
Virtus: Friends around every corner

Approaches: Sneaky +3, Careful and Clever +2, Forceful and Quick +1, Flashy 0

  • Because I'm a slave and no one pays attention to me get +2 to sneaky in situations where slaves are not unusual

In-Play Generated Aspects:
  • Familiar with Kaeso Bucculeius Silanus Estate's Layout (0 free invokes) but Marcus Verus is at the party
  • Too much out of place (negative aspect)
  • Bloodied (minor consequence, negative aspect)
  • Disguise (Success with Style, 1 free invokes)

Fate Points: 4