Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Actual Play: FATE Eagle Eyes: Herculaneum -- In the Shadow of Vesuvius Character Profile Sabin

NameSabin (Suh-bean) Verus (Were-rus)
High Aspect: Resourceful foreign widow of murdered patrician
Trouble: Brother in law killed my husband and took his property
Ideal: Only to those who deserve it
Petitio Videtur: Rome owes me my rights
Virtus: The poison's in the pudding

Approaches: Clever +3, Flashy and Sneaky +2, Careful and Quick +1, Forceful 0

  • Because I used to be married to a merchant I create an advantage when wheeling and dealing.

In-Play Generated Aspects:
  • Beautiful yet Foreign outfit (Succeed with Style, 2 free invokes)
  • Promptina's Bestie (Success, 1 free invoke)
  • Center of the Party (Success, 1 free invoke)
  • Stuck on like glue (Success, 1 free invoke)
  • I spot the mark (Succeed with Style, 1 free invokes)
  • Tiger at your feet (Success, 1 free invoke)

Fate Points: 3

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