Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[The Hire] Season 1, Episode 4: Star

Episode four of The Hire was directed by Guy Richie and stars Madonna (his wife at the time). This is also the first time that The Driver talks and looks directly at the audience, as opposed to a voice-over.

The episode starts with Madonna chewing out an underling, Glenn, who turns out to be her manager. The Driver was originally hired by someone else but The Star climbs in his car and demands him to drive. Her bodyguards quickly follow in an SUV but her mobs of fans stop the SUV.

The Driver and The Star  get into an argument right out the gate. Then he receives a call from Glenn, agreeing to drive and "take care of her." He proceeds to drive through the city at high speed, taking breakneck turns and toss his passenger around violently.

Leaving the bodyguards in the dust, there's even a Ferris Bueller jump in the ride and a "look, Ma, no hands!" The ride ends with her ejected from the car right in front of paparazzi, ready to take her picture in an unflattering way.

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