Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[D20] Ammunition, Simplified

 To continue avoiding extensive lists and lists of equipment, I thought up another area that could use a broad category: Ammunition. I'm not at all interested in tracking each single arrow, crossbow bolt or sling bullet in the game. And that's not all the possible ammunition choices, which can be expanded to include oil flasks, acid, alchemical fire, holy water and smokesticks.

My modest proposal creates a broad Ammunition category, again with 5 starting boxes [_] [_] [_] [_] [_]. If your PC has a bow, his arrows are contained within, as well as his oil flasks, throwing daggers and etc. Again,  if you've been in the dungeon for a while, the GM will ask you to strike off one of the boxes [X] as used and that would be considered using arrows, crossbow bolts, flasks of oil, and sling bullets.

At any point, if you want some acid, smoke sticks, holy water or alchemical fire, it'll cost you a box [X] and you get only one for that box, due to the expense of each item.

Recharging an Ammunition box follows the previous standard - just spend 15 gp while in civilized lands and it's opened up again. Adding more boxes to the original 5 is also possible at the same cost except that is limited by your Dexterity modifier (i.e., a Dexterity modifier of +2 allows a maximum of 7 boxes).

It is also possible to recharge a box while in the dungeon using the previously presented constraints: 1) an inhabited area must be specifically (and successfully) searched to find supplies, 2) there is no penalty for searching areas inhabited by humans or demihumans, but a -2 penalty is levied for searching areas inhabited by humanoids, and -4 penalty or more for other creatures and monsters, 3) the search takes at least 10 minutes, and 4) only one box can be recharged for that search area unless specified by the GM.

For example, Jim, Giles and Orin are searching an orc nest for ammunition after slaying the orcs. They get a -2 penalty for the search and successfully make the roll, finding a barrow of arrows and recharging one of Giles' Ammunition boxes.

Later on, they're low on ammunition again and, after killing a otyugh, search with a -6 penalty and find nothing worth salvaging. The scene fades on a desperate situation ....

Here's how it'll look in a PC write-up:

Phillip of Tradetown, Halfling; Level 1, Alignment: Neutral, Abilities: Strength 9, Dexterity 13, Constitution 10, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 11, Charisma 12. Armor Class: 6 (leather armor, -1 Dex); Hit Dice: 1d6, Hit Points: 6. Attacks: short sword (1d6), short bow (+2 to hit, 1d6). Languages: Common, Elvish; Special Abilities: +1 initiative, halfling abilities. Equipment: dungeoneering equipment [_] [_] [_] [_] [_], ammunition [_] [_] [_] [_] [_].

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