Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Resources] Grim's Dyke

Grim's Dyke, a country home that once belonged to dramatist W.S. Gilbert, was also home to a statue of Charles II. The statue, originally carved in 1681, was removed from it's original location in London and managed to end up on an island in a lake on the estate. It remained on the island from roughly 1880 to 1938, when it was restored to Soho Square, London.

Gilbert drown in the lake in 1911, dying of a heart attack after trying to help a drowning girl. His widow drained the lake thereafter and arranged for the statue to return to London after her death.

The house and grounds have been used as a film location for a variety of TV shows and movies, including Boris Karloff's last film in 1968.

Perhaps there is a reason that the statue remained on the estate so long. Perhaps it guarded the water or something in it guarded the statue.

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