Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Characters] The Phraint

When I picked up the Arduin Trilogy in the way-begone days of early gaming (aka the 80s), it was crazy, crazy stuff. The publishing of the Open Game License in 2000 and all the resulting games that came out of it reminded me of those early heady days.

Arduin's humanoid grasshopper, the Phraint, described a full five years before the D&D mantis-like Thri-kreen (1982), were one of my favorites. I played one at every opportunity. The last time was in college, when I played a fighter Phraint. At one point in the adventure, my character collapsed from exhaustion, which prompted the GM to exclaim he "fell over in a dead-Phraint," much to the players' amusement.

Greybeard Gamer has a retrospective (1) on the Phraint, EN World has a 4th edition D&D write-up (2), there are a few other pics on line (3) and miniatures (4). I'm sure you can find more.

For Savage Worlds Wild Card player characters, the Phraint is pretty easy to stat-up. Known for their agility, ability to leap and attack, and their chitin armor, they are also coldly logical and difficult to understand because of their alien psychology.

The Phraint: net +2

Limited Intelligence: Smarts Restriction: -3
Electrical Susceptibility: -2
Clueless (Major): -2
Heartless: -1
-2 Charisma: -1

Hindrances Total: -9

Edges:Agility d6: +2
+2 Armor: +2
Acrobat: +2
Quick: +2
Base Pace 10: +2
Leaping: +1

Edges Total: +11


  1. Phraints are one of the best things to come out of Arduin. And that's saying something.

  2. Phraints! They work in all games, from fantasy to sci-fi.


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